Moscow and The Rodeo

This weekend, we had NO plans. No weddings, no skate trips, no parties…nothing. It was fabulous.

On Sunday we decided to pack the kids up and head up to Moscow (a whopping 30 minutes away) and go to Old Navy. Just when you think you have the basics of your children’s closets taken care of, you notice that your 5 year old son has 2 pair of pants. Not enough for a boy who loves to play. Your 3 year old doesn’t have hardly any play clothes and your 7 year old is heavy on the shoes, but not so heavy on the shirts.

Kids cost a lot of money.

Anyway, we packed up the kittens and headed up the hill.

[making a very conscious effort lately to stop and count my blessings and be very thankful for each and every one]


The 30 minutes felt like 2 hours when we didn’t even get 1 solid minute of no-child-talking time. It’s exhausting, it really is. But finally, we were there.


[Alice rocks the short skirt/cowgirl boot combo better than any highschool girl, so lay off]


We had 15 minute before they actually opened, so we let the kids run around the mall. Yep, those parents.

Finally, they opened and I was pleasantly surprised with their selection of women’s clothing. I’m usually not.


But, like always, my size was missing. I’ve discovered that most size L will fit me until the last month of pregnancy, at which point I resort to hoodies and muumuus. But apparently, every size L woman wanted the shirt on the right and the shirt on the left (clearly, no one would want the middle print…). But I came away with some good purchases.


Yep, there were lots of kids’ clothes in there, too. Cute little skirts and adorable tights. Some play clothes and pants. You can’t beat Old Navy’s prices for basics, that is for sure.

We drove home in time to drop the little kids off with Kara (BBSE) – best babysitter ever – and Danny and I took Maria and Payton to the rodeo. Yup, the rodeo, folks. They were both decked out in cowgirl girl and were as cute as could be.



We sat for about 40 minutes, watching the opening rides, some broncos, calf roping, and silly clown tricks.

[hooray for pepsi!!]




The girls could not believe what they were doing in the picture above. Seriously? They were tying a rope around a baby cow and then throwing it to the ground???


Welcome to the rodeo, girls.



The girls got hungry. We stopped at concessions and got a little bit of food.

[how jealous is that kid back there?]


And, at 2:00pm, Dan enjoyed an ice cold beverage.


Whatever, it’s the rodeo.

We were about ready to head on back (we’d been there for a few hours) when Maria and Payton heard, “Barrel racing is up next!” and glued their little bottoms to the seats.

I won’t be surprised if, in 15 years, this is Maria.


Afterwards, the girls needed another snack (duh) so they headed down to get slushies.


We stopped and checked out the little cows on the way to the car…


See that one with the horn busted off? The girls were very concerned.

Maria: “Mom! I think we need to find its owner. It’s bleeding!!! C’mon, we’ll find a vet or something.”

Again…welcome to the rodeo.

On the way out (finally) we ran into Smokey the Bear.


They scored hats…


…but soon realized the hats served a much better purpose:


Holding their final snack of 19 mini donuts.

They were stuffed.

We headed to Papa and Lala’s where we swam for a while, and since we were famished and just hadn’t had a thing to eat all day long, we also ate Effie Burgers.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Moscow and The Rodeo

  1. ehollingshead

    Alice ROCKS the short skirt and boots! Let’s just hope she gives up the fashion come junior high. I miss all of your kittens! Luckily I get to see them Friday! Oh- also love Jamie’s firefighter boots- Koen has some similar.


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