Friday Favorites

My Friday post in which I share my favorite things…with images found on google.  And my attempt at the end to get my friends to join me. 

 Shop Sweet Lulu Blog


It’s no secret that I love Shop Sweet Lulu. They have the most amazing party supplies. Their customer service is AMAZING and the woman who runs it is so generous (she donated a $25 gift certificate to Maria’s auction!!!). Well, their blog is awesome.

Sour Patch Watermelons


I don’t like sour patch kids. There is nothing worse than being in a dark movie theater, reaching in a bag (that’s already noisy as all get-out) and popping a sour patch kid in your mouth….and realizing it’s orange. Sick. Get a bag of these, and you’re never disappointed. Because watermelon rocks.

Michael Stars Maxi Skirt

michael stars

I got this exact skirt at a store in Bellevue called “The Bump.” First, I love that store. Second, I love this skirt. I’m a tall 5’2”….which means that maxi dresses/skirts don’t really look so hot on me because my legs are the size of a miniature dachshund’s. But when I’m pregnant, things look different. Eyes are drawn to my ridiculous belly and not my short legs, so I can get away with wearing this super comfortable skirt. After the baby, I’ll probably still rock it.

Pop’d Kerns


I was at Big R the other day getting boots for the kids (more on that in a second) and got really hungry. Counter snacks always suck me in so I grabbed a bag of these, thinking it was just popcorn. I opened it up in the car and at first was disappointed but then I couldnt’ stop eating them. Holy delicious. They’re better than 1/2 popped popcorn kernels, which I love. I ate the entire bag before looking at the nutritional information on the bag and seeing I had consumed over 400 calories. I figure it’s fine since Tara said she loves these, too, and she’s the size of a supermodel.

The Rodeo


This is a lie, because I hate the rodeo. Which is kinda horrible because my grandpa was pretty into it. But have you SEEN where the bull riders tie those ropes??? Have you looked into those tiny calves’ eyes as they’re pleading with you to please just let them free so they don’t have to be thrown to the ground and tied up like… calves?? But I’m adding this because my kids adore it. They love dressing up in western gear (hence my rush to get boots) and eating hot dogs and popcorn for a solid 3 hours while watching poor animals suffer. They love the rodeo parade and fighting off kids to get that nasty last tootsie roll thrown by Grangeville Royalty. So, since my kids love it, I have to go along with it, too. Yee-haw.



It’s my new fave. I take a ton of instagram photos because instagram is awesome. But once I take them, they are stuck on my phone. Doing nothing. So I stumbled across this site and placed an order. I got 3 shirts, 2 mini books (with 100 pics each), 40 square prints, and 100 mini prints….for well under $100. I love ’em.

Calico Critters

calico critters

My kids have too many toys, and I’m not afraid to admit that. With 4+ kids in a house, I don’t think this is unusual. Danny and I try and clean through their stuff every 6 months or so while they’re sleeping and throw out or put away a TON of stuff, but Calico Critters is one toy I cannot bring myself to put away or get rid of because I just LOVE it. They are sweet and fun and the number of cute fuzzy animal families you can buy to go along with it are endless. Dalmation twin babies? Yes please. A mommy bunny with an apron and tiny carrots? Add ’em to my neverending Amazon shopping cart.

There are my Friday Favorites. If more of my friends don’t do this on their own blog, well, I’ll be sad. So let’s go, Tara, Cenone, Chelsea, Tara, Kristin, Jade, and Ellen!  Oh, and Hailey and Haley?  Go ahead and start a blog.  Any second now.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Tara

    I’m not copying Friday Favorites so don’t ask again. I’ve been considering Frank Friday, but haven’t come up with a way to implement without being offensive. Back to the drawing board.


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