“What [they] Wore Wednesday” is a weekly post in which I showcase my beautiful children and their sense of fashion. Or sometimes lack thereof.



Peek Kids t-shirt and Boden shorts. He meditates before school everyday. He’s very zen.



Crewcuts nautical shirt, Gap Kids skirt and Primigi shoes.



Zara shirt, Zara pants and Sperry Topsiders. And a stuffy nose to go along with it.  (She’s also very serious about her dental hygiene)




I want you all to hear this: it was a very generous act of kindness for me to purchase this ridiculous outfit for Maria. We were in Target and it was calling her name. Sequined stretch pants? Please. Both pants and shirt from Target, cute boots are Steve Madden.



At almost 22 weeks, I’m at that point where I look down and all I see are the tips of my shoes. A pregnant Ruthie is not adorable. A pregnant Ruthie is just bigger than a normal Ruthie, with a rounded tummy. Yikes.

Today, we dropped Ria off at school and then headed home. Jamie has lost a week’s worth of Nintendo DS and television privileges because of choices he is making both at school and home (lots of whining. Lots of sassing. We’re trying to get this stopped) so he actually had to….take a breath…PLAY.

I know.


He’s being pretty good about his consequence. I sat down and explained it to him without being angry or upset (which is really hard when you have a boy who you know is a really, REALLY good boy, but is just in a phase of being super whiney…I just want to get so upset!) and told him that if he can make better choices this week, he’ll earn his privileges back. He’s trying.

Then I have poor Miss Charlotte who is coming down with a cold…


That tiny nose won’t stop running.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday!

Oh, and my friend is back:


She’s pretty hilarious and her daughter is pretty freaking adorable. Check it.


2 thoughts on “W[th]WW

  1. Megan

    Hilarious shot of Jamie with the chicken!! Ahhhh… funny…
    and don’t worry about Jamie… he is exactly where Noah has been for about a year, at least… and will revert to at times much more often than I think he should… but then there are those moments when they remind you that yes, they are good boys. I suppose we’ll just have to take turns taking them off each other’s hands now and then. We’re due for a Jamie visit anyway, and I don’t want him to forget about Noah!


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