This Boy

This boy…


…he’s beautiful. He is hilarious and as smart as can be. He’s a really wonderful big brother and a fun little brother, too.

He’s sweet to his mama, and would do anything for his friends. He is so fun to play with and when he gets excited about something, there is nothing better.

But lately, he’s been going through a phase. It’s one that he’s been through before (maybe a year ago, we went through something kinda similar) and I know it’ll pass but right now, it’s frustrating beyond frustrating.

Danny and I work so hard to make sure our kids are kind and compassionate and good little humans. We want them to respect others and act appropriately. We have spent many hours explaining things to them, why’s and how’s and we (seriously) go through pretend scenarios and ask them how they’d act in each situation. I know that’s totally lame and sounds like something you’d see in bible school or something, but it’s important that my kids know how to act.

They do. All of them. They are incredibly sweet and kind.

Well, I guess we’ll have to see about Charlotte…

But back to Jamie.


We’re working really hard with him on controlling his emotions. That even when he really doesn’t want to do something, if his parents or his teacher ask him to do it, he needs to buck up and do it.

If something makes him really sad or really upset, he needs to learn not to cry out in dramatic tears or stomp off or throw himself on the floor. It’s not okay. He knows this, but he very much ‘lives in the moment.’ He says things at the exact time they enter his head.  The same thing goes for his actions.

He said to me today after I tried to explain that he cannot just whine and cry when something makes him upset: “I know, Mom. But sometimes things are rough and I just have to cry.”

And I know that he wasn’t saying that just to make me ease up on him. He’s not that kinda kid (that’s for sure).

So while it’s so hard and frustrating to pick him up from school each day and hear that he was sassy and having a hard time following directions, I know that it’s something that we need to work on. It doesn’t just happen with a 5 minute talk. It takes teachers who are patient with him and who know that he’s definitely not a naughty kid, he just makes poor choices sometimes.  And that he’s working on it.

I’m so thankful we have that.

It takes patience and consistency from Danny and me. Following through on consequences and talking things out with him matter-of-factly (because that’s how he operates).

Sometimes it’s nice just to write these things out — in a short time from now, this phase will have passed, and I’ll be able to see that our effort and time was worth it.  I’ve seen too many kids act really horribly towards their moms and dads and siblings.  Kids who cry at the drop of a hat when they don’t get their way.  That won’t be Jamie, I KNOW that.

And to end on a sweet note:


Cross your fingers for a GOOD day at school tomorrow and for this Mama to have patience 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Boy

  1. Danielle

    Thank you for this post. (in a way, it’s nice to know that you aren’t as perfect as I think you guys are.) We are the same way with our kids. We want them to be kind and respectful. But sad to say, my kids are emotional, Jayden especially “lives in the moment.” Keep up the good work. And as you said, this too shall pass.
    Love you!

  2. Megan

    Awww Now I feel bad! He is a wonderful kid, and I have been thinking about it, I am so happy he is branching out and making new friends. Truly. He is such a good, smart, kind, funny person, who wouldn’t want to be his friend? I am lucky to know him.


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