Chicken Herding: Prepping for Farm Life

No, we have not yet sold our home. No, we don’t have a farm. But that doesn’t mean we can’t (and shouldn’t) prep for that day that we’ll be knee deep in chickens and goats and maybe a horse or 2.

Last night we went to feed and water our chickens and herd them back into their coop for the night to roost.

At 7:30, we loaded up the kids and were on our way.



(are they filthy and borderline disgusting? Yes.)

Apparently 1/2 our crew of kittens forgot the part about shoes. At least she didn’t step in chicken poop.


Well, we found the chickens on the OPPOSITE side of the pen. Which isn’t a big deal unless you want them to go in to roost for the night. In which case, some herding needs to be done.


Secret: Dan is afraid of touching chickens.

He’s horrible at catching them. I mean, seriously? Could he be any further away from them??


Jamie offered up some advice.

[I don’t know what he was saying or describing, but the way he is pinching his fingers is quite telling in how he will handle the chickens….you will see.]

Finally, success.


So proud.



[this is Pinkie Pie]

Alice is not a fan. We tried to tell her that chickens are not like mean black ducks. They do not chase you and attack, causing you to fall on the ground helpless while they peck at your tiny little legs while you’re yelling for help from Daddy who is busy caring for the chickens. No, chickens aren’t like that. But she didn’t believe us.


Is Danny the chicken whisperer now? Psh.


Such ugly feet…


Maria certainly isn’t afraid of catching chickens.


And then there is Jamie. Jamie, who doesn’t really care how comfortable the chicken is. Yes, that chicken is still alive.


After a little adjustment, things look better.


As we were walking back to the car and calling for Alice to follow, we realized we forgot 1 chicken. We look back and see a very sad sight:


Alice and a chicken. Alone.

We took care of it and all the chickens were roosting in their coop by 8:00pm.


Chickens are exhausting.


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