Maria’s First Day

Maria has always been adorable, and I have proof:




And today:


Today is her first day of 2nd grade, and she is thrilled. She’s drawn her teacher a dozen pictures (most of which she forgets about and they end up in her art drawer), written lists of what she will be doing in school, dreamt up things to do at recess and counted down the days for 2 weeks. And it’s finally here.


Maria is sweet, kind, patient (SO patient!!), smart, funny, fun, beautiful, and is the best big sister I could ever ask for for the little kittens. She’s wonderful.

[“Mom, sometimes I just like to take pictures and be serious, okay?”]

School starts at 8:25 at All Saints and we were out our door at 8:10. I think I’ve timed it well, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. Last year I was late every day by 2 minutes. You’d think that packing up the kids just 2 minutes earlier would solve that problem. I mean, it would….but somehow we were never able to do it. But there is nothing worse than being the late kid so this year, I’m going to make sure we get her there a little early every day!!

We saw about 20 moms and dads with cameras, taking pictures of all their kids, and I’m so glad because Maria might have felt a little uncomfortable. But she was not alone. I took her picture under the school sign, the very same spot I had my picture taken 20 years ago. (20?! wow.)


And armed with her little baggy of cookies for Mrs. E, she was off.


Happy First Day, Ria Grace!!


1 thought on “Maria’s First Day

  1. Megan

    Okay… this made me tear up! What a beauty! Any teacher is super lucky to have her in their class. She is such a good good kind kid. I feel so grateful I get to watch your kids grow up.


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