Wedding Weekend!!!

This weekend was Jessica’s wedding. Jessica. I have known her since elementary school — in junior high we didn’t hang out much but in highschool, she was most definitely one of my best friends. If I hung out with anyone, it was Jessica, Leann or Crystal. Or Dan, but that doesn’t count.

Anyway, I could not have been more thrilled to have been asked to be in her wedding, especially because she married one of the nicest guys, and he’s quite handsome, too. They are a model couple. Gorgeous.

Well, my camera was out of batteries this weekend, so i only had my phone, so Instagram pictures it is!

On Friday, we all went to get our nails done, went to lunch, then had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. So fun! And it made it even more fun that I got to hang out with Leann all weekend long.


ADORABLE. She is 7 months pregnant and looks amazing.


I only realized after I wrote on my nametag that they were all writing “bridesmaid”….whatever, I like to be as accurate as possible.


One of Nick’s groomsman had a 3 week old baby girl — SO CUTE! She was tiny and adorable and so sweet.


Dinner and dessert was so great. There were SO many people there, the food was great, the drinks were flowing and they had the cutest little desserts:


Jess was the only one with the cute bride’s dress. Love it!

Look at them. So perfect.


Maybe more perfect if he wasn’t trying to get the chocolate off his teeth before I snapped away, but cute even so.

The next morning, we had hair appointments at 10 at Maximum Image. Meagan brought champagne and (very sweetly) brought Martinelli’s for the 2 pregnant girls.





The last time I got my hair done was, I think, my own wedding. I forgot how fun it can be to actually care about what you look like!! The same girl did both Leann and my hair and we were very pleased

[weird smile = not used to a head full of curly hair]

Then, after steaming my dress, grabbing Arby’s mozzarella cheese sticks and stopping by Megan’s house to see what was up, I met Leann at Pepsi and headed up to Red Barn Farms to get ready!


[yep, she is 2 months ahead of me and looks 10x better. ouch.]

Leann did my makeup and she has been my go-to since highschool. She’s pretty awesome. She’s so awesome that when her boyfriend in highschool would get mad, he’d say that me and Jess were just using her for her makeup and hair skills. Totally not true, but a definite perk of being her friend!!


Jessica got there, and things started happening!



Her dress was A-MAZ-ING. Not only was it gorgeous, but she looked perfect in it — not very many people could wear a dress that was fitted on top then flowy with loose layered ruffles and still look like a model. But Jessica did and I’m pretty sure that dress was made for her.


Leann and me!


2 of my oldest friends and most favorite people in the world:



The wedding was perfect, it really was. Their photographer was Matt Shumate and he was amazing. He was so fast and so easy to work with and had really fun ideas, but none were the really trendy Pinterest ones. Best part? At the reception, he passed around an Ipad with abut 10 pictures from the day — completely edited and beautiful.

Kacey Elbin did her flowers and they were beautiful! And right now I realized I forgot my bouquet at the reception! Ah!!! Jessica decorated the barn perfectly. It was not overdone in the LEAST and it was so classy (because she is totally the definition of classy). The tables had navy linens on them with simple burlap table runners and the centerpieces were pictures of the 2 of them, flowers, and candles. The cake table had a cake in the middle with 2 cupcake trees on either side with to-go boxes for favors. Love. Best part? GIGANTIC pink and white lanterns hanging from the barn ceiling. It really was all beautiful and perfect. The food was Happy Day, they had beer from a brewery in Pullman, plus cucumber water, iced tea, and lemonade. But….the best part…..a S’MORES BAR!!!!

The night was amazing. I wish I wasn’t pregnant for it because I would have loved to have stayed and partied and been more of a help!! But….I was about to pass out at 9:00pm. Lame.

Post wedding:


I tried watching an episode of Law and Order SVU but only made it as far as finding the prostitute in Time Square with a bag over her head, beaten to a bloody pulp before falling asleep.

Congratulations, Jess and Nick!!


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