W[th]WW and Some Horse Pics

I had to do some work at the school, so I asked Patrick if he could hang out with the kids while I did that. Because I’m that stay at home mom. Yep, the one who takes her kids to daycare each Tuesday and Thursday from 9 until 2 and who finds a babysitter on a Wednesday afternoon.

I’m a committed stay at home mom, clearly.

Anyway, I said, “I forgot to take their pictures today for WTHWW (because I AM a committed blogger), so will you take my camera and take some pics? Make sure you get full length shots of them.” I’m picky.

SO these are all taken by Patrick.



Mini Boden dress with Frye boots. And that looks like some type of horse harness?



Zara dress (thank you, Bellamy) and Frye boots. Holy cow, if you have a baby, order them some Fryes. Does it get any cuter?! I mean, yeah, they are expensive….but just have a yardsale and use that money to donate to your children’s Frye fund.



Boden shorts and a JCrew shirt….yes, from last St. Patrick’s Day.



(oops, it was a little too bright I see). Mini Boden top, Old Navy shorts and Keens.

So I guess that while I was working, the kids got to go visit some horses.

Maria is a natural, but we already knew that.



What we all didn’t know is that so are all the other kids. Naturals. Basically, horse whisperers.






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