I have a thing for cookbooks.

I wish I had a thing for cooking out of cookbooks.  I want to be that mom who menu plans every Sunday by looking through beautiful cookbooks like this.  Dinners would always look fabulous and people would say, “I wish she’d invite me over for dinner!”  The truth is that those words have most definitely never come out of anyone’s mouth.


I love this cookbook.  And since I’m a wannabe farmer….the kind who lives in a newer subdivision….who wishes she was like Cenone who grows beets and corn….the kind who is dying to sell her house so she can move to a farm….I made something.


[do you know how expensive pine nuts are?!]


Basil (from my parent’s garden), pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil and salt.  That’s it.


Mmmm it smelled so good.  And tasted delicious, too.


We packed it up, and gave one to Papa and Lala, since I literally stole the basil to make it while they were in Portland.


My little helper approved.



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