Yard Sale

My last post was August 12th.  I’m pretty good at math.  My calculations tell me that was 5 days ago.  In the world of blogging, that translates to ‘long enough to lose followers.’  I apologize.

I’ve been busy.

Let me start with the kids and W[th]WW. I DID take pictures of them on Wednesday but never got around to posting.



Tea Collection bubble dress and her Frye boots which she’s obsessed with.



Brown Gap dress (hand-me-down from Maria) and Primigis.



Mini Boden tee shirt and Mini Boden pants. Also hand-me-downs from Maria. Which is why I love MB. Still adorable after 6 years. And her pink Pedi-Peds.



JCrew shirt, Unionbay (Costco) shorts and Star Wars shoes. I did it. I turned into the mom who buys her son light up shoes from a movie. I have moved down several notches on my own personal coolness scale and I don’t think anything I do can redeem myself.

Okay, so they’re adorable. And that’s wthww.

But what’s kept me so busy all week that I haven’t found 2 minutes to upload pictures and then another 20 to write a post?

I’m hosting a yard sale.

I have really fond memories of yardsales at my parent’s house when I was growing up. Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? I thought so…..[insert wiggly lines going across the screen….]

My mom would prepare for the yardsale for a week. Her method of pricing? A roll of masking tape and red Sharpie marker. Usually, she’d team up with a couple of her good friends and they’d come over during the week and it was always a big deal.

(do I sound like a totally lame kid? I wasn’t lame.)

Anyway, on Saturday morning, I’d wake up and my dad would have gone to get maple bars from Albertson’s and I’d be eating the maple bar while hearing voices from our garage and front driveway — obviously, yard salers.

It was fun.

As a kid.

It’s not as fun as an adult, let me tell you. Pricing all my stuff starts out okay, but after an hour, it sucks. I end up putting $.75 on most of my stuff. Oh, you want that sofa for $.75? Whatev.  Oh, you want to come over the night before?  You and 15 other people, friend.

And watching SOME of my stuff go can be pathetically hard.



Baby clothes. It’s always been something I have a hard time getting rid of. I can remember my kids wearing every single piece of clothing in a certain memory. I’ve been known to keep a stupid souvenir shirt just because I remember Maria’s hair looking especially cute as a baby when she wore it. Pathetic and ridiculous.

But stuff like this?



Usually it comes from another source, like my mom or my aunts or friends or something. I am not attached, so I’m usually good for a lower price, just an fyi.

We started our sale today, Friday, at 8:00 am. Danny worked all day (because he has a job) so it was just me and the kids. Biiiiiig helpers.


Maria and her friend Ally had a lemonade and cookie sale.



Humiliating mom moment #4,934: when your child asks to go on a bike ride and you say yes. What she is actually doing is going to EVERY. SINGLE. HOUSE in the neighborhood, literally knocking on doors and telling people she has a lemonade stand and that her mom has a yard sale. Dear Lord. I want you all to know that I would never send my 7 year old door to door to sell my wine glasses and Jillian’s 30 Day Shred DVD’s. That brilliant idea was all her own.

I finally caught her in the act and steered her back home where a tiny little kitten was drinking her profits.


We actually did pretty well. Today we made $138 (+Maria’s $16 in lemonade money). My friend Alicia told me that instead of selling my books and DVDs in my yard sale, I needed to go to Hasting’s and sell them back there. Thank you, Alicia. I did just that and they gave me a gift card for $139. I could have taken $75 cash, but I was planning on using yard sale money to buy a Nintendo 3Ds for the kids, so it would have been silly to take the cash (even though I really wanted a passion tea lemonade from Starbucks and had left my debit card at home.  I’m a giver and sacrificer for my kids, what can I say?).

So tonight, my giant belly and I (oh my goodness, if you saw my belly, you’d say, “Wow, you’re about to pop!”…I’m so gigantic, and It’s hard not to be sick of it…but I’m trying my very best to just soak in my last pregnancy) are going to watch some Breaking Bad and get ready for tomorrow’s sale.

Good night!


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