The Sandpoint Cabin

We are spoiled rotten. Between a swimming pool to use whenever we want, a cabin down in McCall that we can use, and this:


The Sandpoint Cabin.

Danny’s family has had this cabin for a long time. Some of Danny’s favorite memories are from going to the cabin and hanging out with Lonnie. We are lucky that it’s being passed down for us to use, too. We left on Thursday, after Danny was done with work. We got there kinda late, too late to really get in the lake and swim and stuff, but you had better believe that the next morning (after going into town for breakfast) the kids put on their suits and hopped in.



Charlotte hung out by me and watched.




The kids got pretty brave, Jamie especially. He spotted the slide next door and said he needed a bucket.



Then Maria decided that if Jamie could slide down into the lake “full of fishes” then she could, too.




At the lake…we don’t really have anything we have to do. Instead, we just think of all the things we get to do.

Like go canoeing.



And eat cookies for lunch.




And hang out out in bathing suits all. Day. Long.


And just lay around in the sun and drink capri suns and read Surf magazine.  Even if we dont’ surf but pretend we are totally rad and do.


And maybe make brownies if we want.




And, perhaps Danny’s favorite, pretend we are captains and wear silly captain’s hats.


Oh, Danny. Always so fashion…

On Friday night Danny and I went to a concert in town and Grandma Cheri babysat the kids. Maria thought it’d be great to pick her a vase full of wildflowers and I couldn’t have agreed more. We spent quite a bit of time searching for the most beautiful flowers for the vase.


Thank goodness for Grandma Cheri because the concert was a blast. We saw Counting Crows and it was amazing. Adam Duritz is pretty great and he sounds better live than anything else which makes it a lot more fun. I was pretty stoked to hear “Colorblind” along with everything else they did.

Dan and I never do anything like this. If we’re without the kids, it’s usually just for dinner for a couple hours, so this was definitely a treat.

On Saturday, we went into town for the Artisan’s Fair and the Farmer’s Market then we drove up to the mountain to check things out. The kids bungeed on a little jumpy thingy and we had lunch at the restaurant there. Then we headed back down for more swimming and fun. (When you’re super busy, you forget your camera, which makes for a boring blog. I apologize)

And you know you’ve had a great time at the cabin when every one of your swimsuits is hanging to dry on the deck.


{and now for an artsy Pepsi cup shot…}


The kids LOVE the cabin.


I’m hoping they make as good of memories here as Danny did when he was a kid.

I’m pretty sure they already have.




{imagine a cute picture of Jamie here, too. He was busy.}

We left this morning after getting everything cleaned up. We stopped at Target (duh) and scored pretty big as far as back to school shopping goes. I feel like with 4 kids, back to school shopping never really ends.

When we got home, we headed to Lala and Papa’s to see uncle Pat and to eat some dinner.


A perfect end to a perfect weekend.


1 thought on “The Sandpoint Cabin

  1. Jilly

    Awww this post warms my heart! I remember going to the Prasil cabin a couple of times as a kid – I even remember bawling when Danny and the older kids watched Terminator and it scared me so bad. What a great summer retreat!


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