(making up for my missed post last week)


I love you because…


…you are one of the best eaters I’ve had.

You are happy when anything gets put in front of you. With Alice, I nursed her exclusively (meaning she didn’t even TRY solids) until she was 9 months. She’s a pretty good eater, but you’re even better than her. Jamie? He nursed (not exclusively) for 2 years…which may or may not have had a part in his picking eating since I’d always offer that before meals. Which was a poor choice. I understand that now.

But I’ve wisened up with you. You eat regular meals at regular mealtimes and always with us. And you love it. You will eat fruits and veggies and fish and meat and eggs and breads. You don’t flinch at a bowl of oatmeal and you can drink out of a regular cup like a champ.

Thank you!!


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