The Sleepover Hangover and An Afternoon Wedding

The best cure for a hangover is a dozen donuts in assorted shapes and flavors and juice.


That’s not true I don’t think. But my pregnant body told me it was true. My pregnant body also told me, as I was checking out, that if I ate any of those donuts, I would puke my guts out so I also got a coffee and a banana.


The kind of hangover we had? A sleepover hangover. It’s when you wake up feeling like you only got 3 hours of sleep (because you did) but knowing that it was worth it because the kids had so much fun and you’d be willing to do it again in a heartbeat. That’s the kind of hangover we had.

The kids loved the donuts, and after we ate, we were out the door because Hailey was putting on a super fun event at Tri-State for kids. We heard there were fake casts and snacks, so we obviously were there.

Hailey didn’t disappoint.






Maria: “Okay, you guys. When we see Papa, tell him that we all broke our fingers because we were trying to balance a basketball on them for 100 minutes and they just broke. And DONT tell him the truth!!”

Ohhh, she’s a clever one.

After the kids got their finger casts and loaded up their goodie bags with tons of fun little freebies (like snacks and chocolate milk and bandaid packs and stickers and pencils and firestation trading cards…) they got to check out the emergency vehicles.



They got to try on a super creepy mask.


When Noah put his on, he and Jamie both looked like they were trying to survive the apocalypse.


I imagine Jamie is saying, “That pack of wild dogs over there looks like they are hungry.  Stay quiet and don’t move…”  Noah obeys.


But it wasn’t over after that, oh no. Some very pleasant helpers took us on a private tour of the hospital.


Alice’s swimsuit was clearly bunching up.  Ignore.



Ken from radiology took us around to see all the big xray machines.



Who would have thought that Tri-State was almost as good as Disneyland? They have rides.



After the hospital tour, we headed to Lala’s house to swim with our friends.




We dried off, had lunch at Southway and took our friends home (which resulted in tears from my kids). We raced home so we could take showers and get ready for this:


Ellen is “Miss Ellen” at Charlotte’s ‘school’….the one who Charlotte absolutely ADORES. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Charlotte will go to maybe 5 people without being forced to. And Ellen is in the top 3. In fact, she will beg me to put her down so she can run like crazy with a big giant smile plastered on her face into Miss Ellen’s arms. Whatever, Charlotte.

The wedding was in Uniontown at St. Boniface. The church is absolutely gorgeous. And it makes me excited because if we move up to the Uniontown area, this will be our parish.


I wish I could say that these 3 and the tiniest one were just angels during the service…




…but to lie would be a sin and we all know that I would never sin. Ever.

They were horrible. Apparently Maria thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to lay down during church, with her boots on the pew and completely fall asleep. Charlotte? She colored all over one of the song books. Alice stomped everywhere I’m pretty sure as loud as she could. And Jamie whined and shed some very unnecessary tears. I took one for the team (Danny and my team) and took the 3 littles outside where they played with Miss Ellen’s (very cute) nephew Koen. Before we new it, the bride and groom were Mr. and Mrs. Profitt and it was time to celebrate.


Everything was absolutely beautiful from the bride’s dress (which fit her perfectly and looked stunning) to her hair (a perfect braid across the back of her head ending in a bun, I think) and on down to the bridesmaids dresses, adorable ring bearer’s yellow suspenders and a very cute guestbook. Really, it was all very well done.

Oh, and we ran into Kyle and Megan.


Kyle and Charlotte bonded over a juice box.




And the big kids played with Ava, the flower girl (also the birthday girl).


Oh, you’re desperately wanting to see the kids in their full wedding garb? You should have said so. I just so happen to have pictures of their get-ups to show you.

Charlotte was moving too fast for me to get a good picture, so you get one with the adorable Daddy in it, too.


Jamie literally has no wedding appropriate wear which we will have to remedy before Jessica’s wedding for sure. So he wore his tuxedo shirt…we tried to fool people.


He looked smashing.

Alice wore her JCrew ruffle dress with her hair very beautifully curled.


Maria wore her lace Zara dress with her Frye boots. Always Miss Fashion.



We had so much fun at the wedding and were honored to be included in their special day. I hope they saw it just as we did – amazing!

Tomorrow we have an open house. If you don’t cross your fingers for me, you aren’t my friend. Cross ’em. Make a wish that a family of 5 comes and walks in and is brought to tears by how perfect it is for their family. Wish that they say, “Wow, I just can’t imagine us living anywhere else and to ensure we get this house, we are willing to pay $10,000 over the asking price!”

Please and thank you.


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