Friday Favorites

HydroFlask Water Bottle


This 40oz water bottle is awesome. It’s so big that it keeps me drinking my water all day (because I have a tendency to dehydrate myself), but it’s the exact size of my drink holder in the car so I can take it with me. It’s also crazy-insulated and if I put ice in it in the morning, the ice is still there at 2:00pm.

Small Plum

small plum

I’ve already been buying for the new baby. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, but I only say that because that’s what I am hoping. SO, basically, if one of my good friends has a baby boy soon, they will get a pretty awesome little bundle of new baby boy clothes. Okay, back to Small Plum. These onesies and shirts are SO soft. They have simple little decals on them, and other than the “Peas Out” one I got for Cenone’s future children, they aren’t obnoxious 😉

MAC Shimmer/Illuminating Powder


I’m constantly on a search for any product that will make my skin look better. Apparently this child hates my face because it’s exploded into a horrible complexion. This powder is pretty great — I’m not a sparkly girl. But this is just the perfect hint of “glow” and looks pretty and fresh.

Serena and Lily Crib Bedding


This is Charlotte’s bedding, but I’m anxiously waiting to find out if this new baby is a boy or a girl so that I can order it some of its own! I LOVE Serena and Lily’s pattern and color combinations. None of them scream either boy or girl, even though they are definitely gender specific. They mix pinks with blues and greys with oranges and I love it.

Firefly Confections

firefly confections

I started following her on Facebook several weeks ago and it seems like every other day, she posts a picture of her new creation or new goodie she is offering. Samoa Caramels? Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies? Favor cookies in any shape/color/idea imaginable? I took the bait and ordered some for my mom for her birthday and they should be here today. Mmmmm.

Costco Books


I get sucked into a table or store full of books. I would take Barnes and Noble over Costco anyday but since Costco is what we have (and Hastings smells questionable), I always find myself spending too much time at the book table, telling the kids, “I’m almost done….” They are cheaper than Kindle books, usually, and they carry quite a variety of titles and genres.

CleanWaste Camp Toilet


I don’t think I would even consider camping with Danny if he didn’t have this and that is the truth. This is such a convenient thing to have. As you can see, it’s a tall little dressing room style tent and inside is the toilet. You put a bag in the toilet that has this sand stuff in it that turns liquid to gel. After you use it, you put your bag in another bag where it’s completely contained and clean and ready for the next user. Better than an outhouse? x1,000,000.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Danny was a little obsessed with this show and I didn’t get into when he did, so he’s already a couple seasons up from me. The other night he asked if I’d start the series so we could watch it together so I did. And I’m hooked. It’s about this guy who finds out he has terminal cancer. He needs money so, as a chemistry teacher, he understands the chemical makeup and how to cook meth. He finds a partner and they start an operation.


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