Auctions and Off-Broadway Productions

What I’m about to show you is something I’m not proud of.

I am literally gagging while I upload this picture because the thought of eating this at this moment makes me want to throw up. And if you know me well, you know that I am actually gagging. Like…right now.


I ate that for lunch. 2 Jack in the Box tacos. $.99. The most disgustingly delicious guilty pleasure. It’s so gross…but good. I can’t describe it. Obviously not as good as Taco Time, but that’s like comparing apples to oranges.

After lunch today, I ran to the school to work on the auction.

Oh…what auction? You don’t know? I thought everyone knew, mostly because it’s basically what my life has consisted of for over a month…calling people and begging for donations. Planning and emailing and texting and making lists and charts. It’s Maria’s school auction.


That’s the binder I am using, but I realized that the 1/2″ isn’t gonna cut it. I need to upgrade to the 1″.

I seriously need a grande Starbucks each morning (sorry tiny baby in my belly) before starting any auction work.


But ya know what? It makes it so much easier to work on the auction when I have people who are willing to help. People like Cenone who win stuff (like…good stuff) then donate it for the auction. People like Tara and Hailey who basically run the hospital and donate a 3DS. People like my dad who call pretty much everyone he knows and asks for donations. Danny has called over 15 businesses for me and my mom sits and helps me think of new ideas for donations every day.

But after stamping 200 envelopes and organizing donation forms and solicitation letters, I had to pick up this sweet kitten:


We went home where my beautiful home was waiting for me.



Yep, a full sink of dishes and a laundry room full of clothes to be folded and put away. Beautiful.

But I had envelopes to stuff, so I sat at the dining room table and stuffed my heart out while Charlotte played nearby.

Played? No.


[she thinks she’s so hilarious]

And at 3:30, we skedaddled to get the big kids.


Maria likes to “help” with the white board and add her own little pictures.

Tonight was their performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” so Maria thought it was necessary to write out a list of the actors.


Definitely necessary.


We had to really hurry out of there because there were costumes that needed put together and hair that needed curled.


Maria took this performance very seriously. When something seems ‘special’ she is ALL over it. Costumes? Count her in. Getting ready beforehand? Yes.

So at 4:20 I called the kids inside to get ready. (I secretly live for this stuff too). Maria was first. She found her purple pettiskirt (Chasing Fireflies has the BEST tutus) and Alice’s pink one, and sat very patiently while I curled her short hair.

Then it was Alice’s turn, and I must admit that she was as good as gold. She sat very still and waited until I was done before moving an inch. But that girl has a lot of hair. It took forever. Thank god for “Fresh Beat Band.”

Then I braided Jamie’s hair. And at 5:00 Dan got home and we were out the door to go to the store for treats then to the park for the play.

So when I say “Off-Broadway” I really mean “In-Pioneer-Park.” Which is just as good as ON-Broadway, let me tell you. I felt like I lived in Portland or something and going to the local park to act out a Shakespeare play is totally the norm. Well, because it is for Children’s House.

Fairy Alice


Cenone came, of course.


Charlotte was thrilled.

[truthfully, I think she doesn’t feel well]

Papa and Lala came, too.


And then….the play began. I can’t remember exactly what happened in each picture, so I’ll just post the pictures.























The kids did so great.


My favorite parts:

-The fact that Ms. Megan was feeding each child their lines, but it was still SO perfect. I feel like that made it better and I’m not even joking.

-Every 3 year old in the class was following along. They weren’t running around crazy. 3 year olds, people.

-The wings and crowns were ridiculously adorable.

-The number of parents who came…awesome.

After the play, the kids sat and had a yummy snack.


Yep, all the kids…


Except for some kid who was off on his own playing on the toys….


See that figure in orange? Climbing up the slide? It’s Jamie.

Thank God summer school is over tomorrow because clearly the kids get nothing out of it….

After the performance, we went to Tomato Brothers and then Jamie requested a haircut which was very out of the blue considering just yesterday he told me he never wanted to cut his hair!! But I’m not going to force him to grow his hair out, so we took him.

Such a sweet boy.

Except when he lies.

The girl said, “Have you made it to Silverwood yet?”

Jamie: “yep.” (lie #1)

Girl: “Oh, lucky. When did you go? July?”

Jamie: “Yes.” (lie #2)

Girl: “What was your favorite ride?”

Jamie: “The rollercoaster.” (lie #3).

The entire time, he was watching my face in the mirror. My face that was shaking back and forth in the “no” movement.

He told the first lie and he just couldn’t stop. He had to keep going or risk embarrassment….

Oh, Jamie.

Anyway, now his hair is short and you can see his beautiful eyes.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is Friday.

Friday Favorites.


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