The Weekend.

Friday. Friday we didn’t have swimming lessons, but the kids had school so Charlotte and I hung out. I think? I seriously can’t really remember too much of Friday. We watered my parent’s plants and Danny had to go set up for a concert (more on that later). My parents got home around dinner time and after being gone for 2 weeks, you bet we raced over to see them.

Saturday. Saturday started with a trip to Main St. Grill to eat breakfast (it was good) and then home. Maria waited for Lala to pick her up so she could take her to get a birthday present for her friend Maddi. She waited on her bike. With no helmet. Danger.


[she’s as fast as lightning]

Off they went.


I had a very sad 3 year old.


I told her not to worry, that they’d be back soon. They were. What did Maria choose with her $15? She chose a cucumber face mask, some nail polish, a flamingo cosmetic bag, and a tube of bright red lipstick. Sorry, Maddi.

So I thought we’d do something super fun. We packed the kids up and headed to Hagen’s Orchard to pick cherries!


Totally fun, right?

I had Danny go in before we unloaded the kids because we had to find out where to drive and park and then where to actually pick the cherries and apricots.

He came back looking like this:


They quit doing “U-Pick.” So disappointing. I asked Dan if we should go find a blackberry patch somewhere. He said blackberries are nowhere in the valley, sorry he just couldn’t help. Liar.

Instead, he drove to this really sketchy BBQ train that was parked outside of a storage unit!!! I swear to you, the sign said, “YARD SALE” and then under it, “BBQ…PULLED PORK AND RIBS.” I told Dan he was totally going to get sick.

[“yeah, uh, I’ll take a pulled pork sandwich….and how much do you want for that lamp and set of used sheets?” good luck, Dan.]

It didn’t look so good.


But that sucker ate it.

And while the kids rode bikes and scooters…


…I went to pick up my very first Bountiful Basket.



It was full of stuff.

Plums, cucumbers, summer squash, corn, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, lettuce, a melon, and I added on some sourdough. $15 without the sourdough, $25 with it. Pretty good deal.

Okay, so the concert. Danny, as president of the Valley Skatepark Association (which you should all buy a brick to help pay off the remaining loan for the new skatepark…$100), is in charge of fundraising. One event that he helps with is Rockin on the River. It’s a concert put on by people in the valley, and they are SO KIND in letting the VSA help set up and tear down because they give them a check for $2,500. So awesome.

What’s not so awesome? The crowd at the concert. So Danny somehow gets me to go with him. I agree because who doesn’t like a night off, hanging out with your bff? We get there and immediately Danny and his friend are playing a game in which they earn points for seeing the most mullets, tramp stamps, and bedazzled jeans.  Danny has to use the bathroom so he hands me his 2 beers. Why he got 2 tall beers at once, I have no idea, but here I am holding them. Which is pretty trashy, when I think of it. I am clearly with child, holding 2 giant beers.

So anyway, I look to my right and see this woman approaching me. She looks like she might be 30? Maybe 35? A little past her, I see she left her infant child alone in his carseat stroller. He’s, like, 20 yards away! I can see his tiny little legs kicking! So I’m thinking she must have something really important to say to me. Well…she does.

“Hi (big smile). Can I share your beer with you?”

I’m not kidding.


She says

“Oh…..well can I at least have $2??” And she says this as if I should totally be giving her $2 and it was horrible of me to deny her my beer (which is really Danny’s) in the first place!

I laughed!

“Definitely not. No.”

She actually says, “Thanks,” really snotty and goes back to her baby.

So when Dan gets out of the bathroom and we walk a little ways, I can’t wait to tell him! I look around for her and she’s nowhere in sight. NO WHERE. But ya know who is? HER TINY BABY!!!

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had to get out of there. So I left and went to Cenone’s house where she, Andy, and Hailey were enjoying dinner and wine.


And that, my friends, was our weekend.  My mom and I topped it off with a Nordy’s shopping trip in Spokane.  ANNIVERSARY SALE!!

Happy Monday.


1 thought on “The Weekend.

  1. Francesca Taylor

    Oh Ruthie! I love your blog. Always a good laugh. The concert dialogue is just hilarious. Xoxo!


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