Friday Favorites

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to say to all of you that I KNOW my blog has sucked lately. Maybe just by saying that:  it’s sucked lately.  I’ve been terribly busy and any time spent on the computer is for Maria’s school auction. Or Pinterest.

But Friday Favorites is making a slow comeback. I think we’re going on 2 weeks in a row. This is big news for Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs. Big news.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner


Yes, I know this is a duplicate. But it’s amazing. It’s worth highlighting again for someone who may not have seen it the last go-around. Alice can wake up with matted hair. I’m not exaggerating, it can be one giant dread and then she’ll go swimming. Now picture her hair. Horrible. A mess. Totally not fashion. But give me 5 sprays of this and it literally brushes right out. She HATES getting her hair brushed but if she sees I have this, she doesn’t mind at all.

Tylenol Cold

tylenol cold

I okayed this with my ex-ob/gyn nurse. She now works somewhere else, but lucky me, I have her cell phone number. Not lucky her. She knows more about my body than anyone should. I’m so sorry, Katrina. Anyway, she said this was okay for me to take and I could not be happier. The other day I had a bit of a sore throat and felt like I was getting a little congested so I tried this out. Not only did it help me sleep, but I woke up with NO sign of a sore throat. Do you know how happy that made me? So happy.

Crewcuts For Little Boys




I do not enjoy shopping for Jamie for clothes unless it’s one of a few of my favorite go-tos. Crewcuts is one of them. Most of their shirts are pretty basic with no crazy screenprints or obnoxious logos. Stuff like “wave master” is just hilarious because it’s so not Jamie. But everything is SO soft and wears so well and if you wait for really great sales, it doesn’t have to be uber expensive.

Three Ring Binders with Dividers



No, this was not added into FF mistakenly. I love three ring binders with dividers. I like organization and if things can be divided up into categories, I like it even more. I am co-chairing Maria’s school auction and that requires more organization than anything I’ve ever done. My co-chair, Tonia, and I oversee committee chairs for food, games, class projects, quilts, silent auction, ticket sales, marketing and solicitation. We send out letters to cash sponsors, donors, alumni and parishioners. We track income and expenses. We communicate with hundreds of people. All of this requires organization….and I’ve got it all in one binder. I love it.



I like Legos a lot better, let’s make that very clear. But, I like these because Charlotte can’t fit them in her little mouth and carry them around like a chipmunk might carry cheeks full of nuts. She loves to do that and it drives me (and Jamie) crazy. They also don’t hurt as bad when you step on them.

Hot Milk PJ Pants


yes, there is really a brand called “Hot Milk.” I wish I didn’t love their stuff, but I do. These PJ pants are so cute and SO comfy.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout bag


Danny’s such a lucky boy because with this baby, he gets a ‘manly’ diaper bag. Not that my red and black paisley one wasn’t totally manly. I had a gift card from a photo session I did for a friend and with it, I bought this bag for him from Pottery Barn Kids. Ooooh, it’s pretty. It’s a little too structured for me to carry around (it’s pretty stiff), but Dan loves it and now he can care for 5 kids AND be totally fashion.


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