Pay Pay’s Chef Party

Payton is one of Maria’s best little friends, and it’s no surprise why:

Payton is adorable.

She is fun.

She’s polite.

She’s always laughing.

She’s totally fashion.

So when Maria got an invitation to her birthday party, I not only made sure Maria could go, I also asked Danny to get off work as soon as he could so I could go and “help.”

And by “help” I really mean make my own pizza, check out the catering office, eat caramel corn, drink lemonade, and eat the most delicious cake in the universe: a slice of chocolate and a slice of vanilla.

[and please excuse the pictures. I had the wrong lens and zero light, so I had to use the flash and it was a mess. The pictures only show 1/5th of how cute it all REALLY was.]

There were 2 tables set up and at each spot was a fancy cup of lemonade, a chef’s hat for them to decorate, a tiny sized apron and a box of popcorn.

payton party-5

Some hats needed to be adjusted.

payton party-13


payton party-14

Chef Frank (he’s really the catering chef and the BEST with the kids) led them through the maze of the catering building from the party site to the kitchen.

payton party-64

payton party-18

He taught the kids to always wear a hat to keep the hair out of the food (yuck) and that you ALWAYS need to wash your hands.

payton party-11

On today’s menu was pizza.

First, flour on the table.

payton party-22

How cute is the birthday girl??

payton party-24

payton party-33

Next, the dough balls.

payton party-34

Chef Frank showed them how to knead the dough.


payton party-39

How adorable is this little baker?? Cute and adorable kids filled this kitchen.

payton party-35

Next came sauce.

payton party-48

After sauce, obviously, comes cheese.

payton party-52

Who wants toppings??

payton party-55

Know what I want? This:

payton party-42

Bread pudding with vanilla sauce. Yes, please sell. Sell to my tummy.

The tiny pizzas went into the oven and came out deliciously. Chef Frank even made one for me. Ya know, me, the big helper. Such a huge help.

Then we opened presents. Well, Payton did.

payton party-82

payton party-84

Payton got some great stuff: iTunes card, 2 Claire’s cards, Barbie makeup, color-your-own-bag, lip balm kit, and some other goodies. I might have to sneak a playdate in with Payton soon.

Then we ate cake (so good, a friend made it) and it was time to go. But they didn’t leave empty handed, oh no.

Mrs. Finch put together a goodie basket for all the little chefs. Not only did they get to keep their fancy glasses, aprons and hats, they also got mini cooking pots and utensils (our American Girl dolls cannot WAIT to get into that kitchen), an oven mitt, candy, measuring spoons, pens, notepads….

…not your average goodie bag! And what else? She sent one home for Jamie and Alice!!!! Spoiled kids I have. They didn’t even come to ‘help!!!’ But Jamie thanked her by drawing her pictures of Star Wars characters because every mama of 3 little girls needs 5 year old Star Wars art.

Thank you, Payton, for a FABULOUS birthday party!! Maria thanks you, too 😉


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