This week has been hellish.  It’s been hot and miserable and the kids are feeling it.  I think they are exhausted by having swimming lessons and then school right after and by the time we get home from that, it’s not long until it’s dinner time and we have to go feed the chickens and put them back in and then come back for bed.  As if all of that isn’t fun!  But I think they’d be cranky even if we were in Disneyland.

So I guess to show me that they are exhausted, they’ve kinda been monsters.  I’m not sure I’ve heard Jamie whine so much or Alice deliberately misbehave.  Charlotte has started being super whiney and Maria can sometimes get a little sassy.  All in all, they are SO good, but this mama is tired and extra cranky myself!

So while the kids had swimming lessons today…


Charlotte did a little light reading and I sipped on my coffee and texted.



And after 2.5 hours of swimming lessons, cleaning up, and watering plants, it was time for a Wednesday photo shoot.




She wore a new Zara dress. With their huge sale going on, we stocked up a little bit for school and since I haven’t folded laundry in a solid week, I dipped into the new school stash for the kids. Also, after-swimming hair is horrendous.



He is a picture perfect wave master, isn’t he?? Ah, Jamie. The shirt is from JCrew and the shorts are Children’s Place. He’s in rare form.



Crewcuts (JCrew) ballerina skateboarder shirt and Baby Gap white shorts. Adorable pigtail braids to top it off.



Baby Zara dress and Pedi Peds that are 2 sizes too big. Grow, tiny feet!!

Today Maria has a birthday party for Payton so I’m going to have Danny pick the other kids up so I can document with pictures. For the blog, of course. This blog needs some love.


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