A Wedding in Orofino

There are many things that I am not.

I am not a supermodel. (I know, so many of you are in shock right now)

I am not a gourmet chef. (But, I will say, I do have some tasty specialties)

I am not patient. (what? Me not patient? Psh.)

And among many, many other things, I am not a wedding photographer.

I don’t ever want to be a wedding photographer, I don’t wish I was a wedding photographer, and I never will be a wedding photographer. It is too much of a time commitment when you have 5 little ones and no amount of money could ever make the time spent away from them + the time editing thousands of pictures worth it to me. It is also a ton of pressure! If you don’t get that first kiss or the walk down the aisle, you’re screwed.

But the other day I helped a friend out and 2nd shot a wedding in Orofino. It was on a golf course, it was very hot out, the time spent driving + the time shooting totaled 7+ hours, but the bride was beautiful, I got some great shots, and the kids will now have some really awesome school shoes purchased with 2nd shooter money. 🙂








I shot and edited wayyyyy more than this, but now I gotta go out to our front yard campsite and eat some grilled hamburgers and maybe roast some s’mores.

Happy Sunday.


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