Friday Favorites

Yes to Blueberries


I like this facewash. It’s natural and smells good and does the job.

Costco Pretzel Rolls

pretzel rolls

These are wickedly delicious. At 200 calories a pop, they should be. But, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, it is so worth the 200 calories.

Philosophy Body Wash


Mmmmm. I love anything Philosophy. It always smells just how it supposed to (like cinnamon bun, strawberry daiquiri, or marshmallow cream) but my favorite is Amazing Grace.

Pottery Barn lunch bags

PB lunch box

I’m obsessed with lunch bags. We have a whole pantry wall full of them. I just got some Pottery Barn ones for the kids and they are perfect!

Kirkland Brand Yoga Tank

kirkland brand tank

I like them because they are lightweight and long.

Hatch Collection


I ordered a dress from Hatch for Dan’s sister’s wedding and it is beautiful! They are a little spendy, but I know why. I have to exchange for a bit smaller size, but I know that it is going to fit perfectly.

Friday Night Lights


Clear eyes, full hearts….can’t lose.

Oh, and Tim Riggins is hot.

Granola Bar Dipps


Peanut Butter dipps are the best.

Darling Clementine


I stumbled across this site the other day and I love it.

Sock Bun from H&M

bun sock

I bought this little tool from H&M a couple months ago but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull it off. When it comes to my hair, cute braids in the front and a killer pony tail is just about as fancy as I can get. But this is so easy and takes about 30 seconds to do. It’d look a lot cuter with some fat off my face, but whatev.


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