A special installment of What They Wore Wednesday (W[[th]WW)…it’s the 4th of July.

I’m embarrassed and feel unAmerican when I admit that my children hardly own ANY red, white, and blue clothing. I literally had to dig through bins of last year’s clothes to find something appropriate for them to wear. Success. Even if it’s so tight on the girls that they’re having a hard time breathing.



She wore a SIZE 5 (I know…) Mini Boden red and white striped dress with yellow Saltwater sandals and a Josey-Girl hair bow.



The ragamuffin of the bunch wore an H&M shirt and last year’s Mini Boden sweat shorts with the always adorable (gag) blue Crocs.  He should also be wearing a new haircut, but we haven’t had time.  Maybe some place is open today.



This is horrible….size 2 Mini Boden dress. It’s stretching like you wouldn’t believe. White Saltwaters and a couple Gymboree barrettes in her “Princess Leia” hair.

They’re cute.





Thanks to Cenone, Charlotte actually had this cute Carter’s onesie. Then I had to dig out her Valentine’s day tutu from our dress-up bin.

But I did it, and they are so patriotic it hurts.

But I wish you could all see my American garb. I am wearing a red and white maxi dress which makes my stomach look about 5-6 months pregnant but I don’t even care. I’m pretending like I don’t know. Then I WAS wearing bright blue skinny capris under it but Dan said I looked a little too “Dr. Seuss” so I took them off. With a red headband and white sandals, I’m so festive.

Happy 4th of July!


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