You Are Welcome, All You Tiny Fashionistas

I’ve stumbled across several sales online recently and if your kids are as fashion as mine (they just are) you will want to jump all over these. — 40% off some stuff.  50% off others.  Not quite as good as the $15 dress deal (holy cow) but they have some long sleeve dresses for $20 that are hard to pass up. — Are you ready for this one?  50% off.  Yes, that’s right.  All their cutest things are 50% off.  My favorite find:  Peek Essentials Long Sleeve Tees — $5.99.  I’m not kidding you.  I got 3 of them in gender neutral colors because they are PERFECT and so soft.  They have adorable skirts, shirts, and shoes, too. — pretty good deals here, but the sizes are going fast. — Also some crazy good deals, especially on adorable shoes.  I got a pair of Primigi sandals for Maria for $20.  That’s a good deal.  Anyway, these are selling out fast, too, so hop to.  (Their cable knit pullover sweaters are the best and are on sale for $20). — they are having a little sale.  Honestly, I’m not as impressed with it.  But if you are desperate for adorable, totally fashion summer clothes for your kids but you don’t want to pay 100% full price, go ahead and pay 80% price.  See?  Like I said, not that awesome, but it’s something.


The discount code for all of these is:  RUTHIEisAWESOME.


kidding.  there isn’t a discount code.  but if there was, it’d totally be that.


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