A Morning Skate Sesh

In the spring and summer, we do lots of morning skate sessions. What that means is that the 5 of us tag along with Danny while he skates and we watch, run, play, scream, eat donuts, drink Starbucks, race down the hills, and bust out sweet tricks. Like this:







Charlotte hasn’t been feeling well, so the sweet little kitten clung to my legs the entire time.


[oh, what’s that? You think my bright blue pants are totally fashion? thanks.]

Well, I guess she broke away for a bit to watch Daddy.




Coolest daddy ever.


We came home and Danny and I made some homemade granola (thanks to a recipe from THIS awesome book) then I had to leave to take some pictures at an 80th birthday party. When I got back, the kids and I went to feed the chickens (and change out some bedding) and then we picked so many peas from Andy and Cenone’s garden that we might be able to live off of them in the event of an apocalypse. Oh, and beets. And yukon golds.  I’m pretty sure I am going to get a lot of good use out of my Ashley English canning book.  I can’t wait.  (and I’m forcing Cenone to can with me.  She doesn’t know it yet.)

Right now, outside, it’s thundering and lightning and raining and windy and we have a perfect view. Goodnight.


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