Friday Favorites

Zara Lace Dress


I ordered this as a possible wedding outfit and I am praying it fits. I think God wants me to look wonderful, so I’m expecting this prayer to be answered.

Sugar Snap Peas

sugar snap peas

Cenone and Andy are growing sugar snap peas in their huge garden and when I feed and water the poultry, I hop over to the peas and eat some. And let me tell you. Dee-Lish-ussssss. That’s how I say it.

Starbucks Cup with Straw


#1) I got the venti size and it is great because I just keep it full all day long so I’m constantly drinking water. #2) it’s insulated so if I put ice water in it when I leave in the morning, but it sits in the hot car for a couple hours, it’s still cold. It also holds the perfect amount of Passion Tea Lemonade which is very important.

Vintage Quilts


I don’t know what’s happening, you guys. I like chickens, I want to move to a farm, and all of a sudden, I have an intense urge to start collecting vintage quilts. Like the ones that are worn on the edges and soft and sweet.

Hot Diamonds

hot diamonds

Dan and I have been laughing at the name of this company for a while, mostly because it sounds kinda cheap and trashy. But it’s not, which is why it’s funny. Anyway, for our anniversary, Danny very sweetly got me a beautiful Hot Diamonds bracelet and I love it.

Philosophy’s Amazing Grace


Jessica gave me a set of body butter and body wash in the Amazing Grace scent and I’m in love. It’s strong without being overwhelming. Basically, perfect.

Fuch’s Flowers


In Clarkston, there is a flower and garden center called Fuch’s. They have flowers as well as plants and pots and dirt and everything you might need for your flower or vegetable garden. Also, they beat out every other flower arrangers when it comes to sympathy arrangements being sent.

Color Blocking

color blocking

In my mind, I am a size 2 with size B breasts and I can wear anything I grab off the racks. And in this perfect mind of mine, I wear very skinny hot pink jeans with a super cute orange tank and green shoes. And it’s totally fashion.

PS.  I would really appreciate it if my friends Cenone and Tara would please jump on the Friday Favorites bandwagon and blog about their favorite things.  My list is becoming short and boring and I’d like to be like them.  First thing?  Buying the things they buy.


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