The Wonderful Michelle Wolf

In May, if you remember (and you should, because my life is so very important that I expect everyone to remember every vacation we take…when and where.) we went to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. The main point of the trip was to reshoot our family photos since we got rained out in September.

So Michelle Wolf from Michelle Wolf Photography drove over to meet us, and I am so thrilled she did. I’ll just show you some of the pictures:










A couple things: do not, under any circumstances, believe your sweet husband when he says, “No, you look great,” after asking him if your ass looks the size of Texas in the skinny jeans and should you change into a dress. Because it is a lie. I feel sorry for Michelle that she had to witness both that AND my adorable double chin when I didn’t keep it in check…

Also, it’s impossible, and I mean IMPOSSIBLE to get a 7, 5, 3, and 1 year old looking and smiling all at the same time for a family picture. I’m glad they are just as cute when they aren’t looking and smiling.

Thank you Michelle! In January/February, we might just need to come to YOU to get an updated family photo 🙂

(By the way, she is 100x better than any studio photographers here in the valley.  Worth every single penny.)


5 thoughts on “The Wonderful Michelle Wolf

  1. littleboysaremadeof

    As I was scrolling down I thought to myself, “Ruth looks great!” (and of course I always oodle over your kids because they are beautiful.) SonI completely disregarded your comments about the skinny jeans. You look great!!

  2. danielle bradshaw

    I think you look Beautiful! You all do. I love the family pic. And the scenery is beautiful as well.


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