Hectic Weeks Full of Sad and Wonderful

Last Sunday (yes, that would be correct, that was Father’s Day) my grandpa passed away.

The fact that he died was not unexpected (we had known his health was declining), but the fact that he died so soon was.

His story (because I think that it’s important to know people’s stories. Even if they are sad. Even if they are happy. Even if they are full of successes and failures and friends and enemies. Everyone has an interesting story and we should really tell them before we die. But sometimes we don’t.). My grandpa, Jack, grew up with his mother as an only child and had very little money. She worked as a waitress and had a hard time getting by. My grandpa lived with relatives for a while. His father died. He met Maureen and they got married. He was stationed in Hawaii and there they had a baby.


[these Hawaii pictures are so awesome. and look at my grandma. Shari can’t be over a week old and she looks pretty dang good in that swimsuit.]

They eventually moved back to Idaho and had a couple more kiddies.

[so Mad Men, right???]

He was a successful business man. He had 7 grandchildren who he loved. And spoiled (rotten). He attended more basketball, baseball and volleyball games than I think any other grandpa in history. My grandma died in 2004. He struggled. Alcohol wasn’t good to him. But he tried really hard and I think in the end, that’s all that matters, and it’s enough.

His funeral was Saturday and if I have any advice for all of you: go to funerals. If you knew the person who died or ANY of the family members, go to the funeral. The worst excuse in history is: “I just hate funerals!” Uhhh…..duh. Everyone does.

I knew there was a reason why Cenone is one of my favorite people on Earth. She didn’t know my grandpa, but she knows me and she knows my brothers and she knows my kids and she knows my parents. She changed her work schedule so she could go to the funeral.

(By the way, I know my other friends had huge work things going on, were out of town or kids to wrangle…I’m not talking to you obviously 🙂 )

So anyway, I was in charge of the photo boards. I had so much fun looking through all of the pictures, and even though there were grimy fingerprints (thank you Charlotte and Alice) on the edges, they turned out pretty well.



Saturday night, we hosted spaghetti and meatballs at our house for our whole family (which isn’t very many because my grandpa was an only child and my grandma only had one brother) which was a lot of fun. I made the cousins all get in for a picture, then dragged in my mom’s aunt and uncle. Adorable.




Even though 1/2 of them have their eyes shut in the last photo, it’s because they are laughing, and it’s my fave.

Okay so TODAY I hosted a bridal shower for another of my favorites…Jessica. Leann (yep, another favorite) helped and it was SO DANG CUTE (if I do say so myself).


Nicole at Olive and Star made the invites with matching thank yous.


Perfect every time. Unless you forget to proof the spelling of your friend’s last name. She sent this to my twice and each time, I told her it was perfect. Oops. Anyway, Nicole does the best job every single time.  Apparently, I don’t.

The food was delicious, but the crowd wasn’t hungry.  I have about 3 mornings worth of breakfast for a family of 10 left over.



[crescent rolls filled with egg and cheese]






I had everyone bring a paper/fabric flower to the shower along with a description of why they chose the flower they did. Today while Jess was opening gifts, I created a rehearsal bouquet for her. It was really cute.


Favors? Pomegranate Lemonade.

[Jess and Nick…The Sweetest Blend]

Pastries in adorable striped bags.


Put together in a cute brown bag.


So this week was sad. But it was wonderful.

I got to see family that I rarely get to see. I went through pictures that made me laugh hysterically (really mom? A “shag” cut was in style? Doubt it.). My grandpa isn’t struggling anymore with any aspect of his life. I got to celebrate my really great friend Jessica and it got me even more excited about her August wedding.

Maybe I should hit the gym? Again….doubt it.


1 thought on “Hectic Weeks Full of Sad and Wonderful

  1. Ellen

    You throw a damn good party. And I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa, but I’m glad he’s in a better place.


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