Fathers day

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it started with a phone call from my dad asking when we could come and pick up the kids (they had stayed the night at my parents house). My grandpa, who had not been doing very well for the past couple months, had died earlier that morning.

Of course I am sad — because whenever someone you love dies, it is sad. But he was so ready to go. He had really struggled with staying healthy. It was so hard to see him struggling the last couple of months. He didn’t want to get up. He didn’t really want to eat. He didn’t talk to anyone anymore and even though he tried really, REALLY hard to act happy and alert and engage in conversation when we were visiting, his body was just too tired. He’d been through just a little too much and it was time for a rest. Now he is resting.

After we picked up the kids, we took a trip to the chicken coop to check on those chickens of ours.


They’re getting gigantic. They’re hilarious.

Then we went back home and Maria came up with the brilliant idea of making a cake for daddy. Daddies love cake.


Boxed cake.

The girls helped inside while Jamie was assigned the task of keeping Daddy busy in the garage. Everyone once in a while, he’d peek his head in and say, “How’s everything going in here?” He took his job very seriously.





It baked. It cooled. And it was at that point that Maria discovered we didn’t have frosting. A cake needs frosting, duh. So we took a bike ride to the store to get some.



Doesn’t it look so professional?




And for our very special Fathers Day/Anniversary dinner, we had Sonic.  As in Sonic drive in.  As in chili cheese tots, hot dogs, and popcorn chicken.


We are so gourmet.


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