I love you because…


…you’re my best friend.

After 7 years (today!) of marriage and 11 years of being together, you are most definitely my best friend on the planet. That might be the corniest, cheesiest, most cliche thing to say about your husband/wife, but it’s completely true. I would rather hang out with you any day of the week than do anything else. You are patient with me, you do not raise your voice EVER (I wish I could say the same thing…I am jealous of that wonderful trait of yours), you are hilarious, you are compassionate, you never demand or expect a THING.  You have worked your tail off for us.  You spend hours working and hours away (for work) and you do things that you’d rather not do, just for us.  We are lucky.  You’ve changed more diapers than I can count and have planted a million kisses on tiny heads. You are the best daddy to all of our kids, even one who may not know it yet.

I know there are people who have doubted us.  Who were sure you’d never make it working at Pepsi or that we weren’t cut out to be young parents.  But you’ve proved them wrong…you’ve MORE than proved them wrong.  I can’t imagine spending the rest of my days with someone funnier, hotter, or more fun than you 🙂   Happy Anniversary!





[photos by Paul Rainer of Rainer’s Photography in Moscow. BEST wedding photographers EVER!]


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