I’ve been sucking at blogging lately.

I’ve been uber busy.  My computer is downstairs, so the only way I can come and use it is if all the kids come downstairs with me or if they are all sleeping and I have a little free time. Lately, they’ve wanted to play outside so I have to stay upstairs so I can properly supervise them. I mean, I TRY to be a good mom.

I’ve also had a lot going on. Yesterday we hosted a going away swim party for 2 of Jamie’s teachers: Miss Dani and Miss Maria Jose. They are wonderful! We had the party at my mom and dad’s pool and invited all of the students from Children’s House and their parents. Lots of siblings came and the pool was packed!

Jamie stayed out of the water most of the time.




We had so much fun. We ordered pizza and breadsticks. My mom made the most adorable fruit skewers. Rachel made a DELICIOUS pasta salad. It was all perfect. We will definitely miss those 2 fabulous teachers, but facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch. We’ll utilize it.

So back to my busy schedule that is keeping me away from blogging: it’s gonna start slowing down soon. This week I’ve had 3 photo sessions for friends and I’m helping another friend out with a wedding today. The kids have had school and “school” and Danny was gone for a couple days, too. I’ve been super exhausted and not feeling so hot. These are all my excuses for my sad, bare, 3 posts-a-week blog. Don’t leave me. I’ll get going again very soon.


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