The Talent Show

I’m a mean mom.

When the school talent show comes around, I tell Maria right away that she won’t be participating in a made-up dance to a questionable song…even if all her friends are doing it.

I know it’s totally okay, and I know that the talent show is a really good opportunity for so many kids to get up in front of their peers and do SOMETHING, because it takes courage. But I want that SOMETHING that Maria does to be something she’s been working hard at. Something that she does at home and has practiced for a long time and is proud of. And she chose to play “Lightly Row” on her violin.

She was very nervous waiting for her turn.

talent show-12

This morning, she wanted to wear something a little more “dressy” than pants and a shirt. She also wanted to wear a bow. She looked perfectly adorable.

talent show-19

talent show-20

talent show-21

She did so great and I was so proud of her. It’s so hard to get up in front of what seems like a thousand people. It’s hard to concentrate to make beautiful sounds instead of screeching, but she did it. I have never heard “Lightly Row” sound so beautiful. 🙂


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