Chicken Coop Cleanup

Farm animals are a lot of work.  A lot of dirty, smelly work.  We know this because we have a whole coop full of chickens (9 of them) that we are currently keeping in Andy and Cenone’s barn because our wonderful HOA wouldn’t grant us a temporary exemption from our CC&Rs.  (Even though our dogs are a LOT more obnoxious than hens could ever be).

We arrived to the coop on Friday morning after dropping Maria off at school.  Luckily, I had Jamie there to help keep Huey away from me…he kinda scares me.


And like I mentioned before, it’s dirty work. So I changed into my purple boots.


I had Jamie go on one side of the coop, open the door, and try and corral the chickens towards me so on the opposite side so I could catch them and put them in the box. Danny constructed an AWESOME coop, completely on his own, that is perfect. It opens on 2 sides: one side is for when they start to lay and we can just open the door and collect eggs. The other is so we can clean out the coop. Anyway, I caught all the chicks thanks to my farmhand, Jamie.

[they’re getting feathers!]

We started out with little pellets when we first got the chicks. Then I asked Danny once to run by Big R to grab some new bedding for the chickens and he got these little wood shavings. Let me just say that they are horrible. It smells a lot worse than the pellets and is a lot messier in the food and water.


While I shoveled out the chicken bedding, the kids ran around the grass and tried to find treasures.




After maybe 15 minutes of shoveling, I put in the new bedding.



So much better.



My farmhand and I then transferred the naughty chicks from the box to their clean coop.


Then we fed them a little treat.


And that is our chicken coop cleanup.

We stop by the coop at least once a day. SOMETIMES we go twice, but usually it’s just once to give them fresh water and new food. Sometimes we have found that the chicken water fairy has done our job for us (andy) and I have to text Cenone and scold them…the last thing I want is for them to feel like these chicks are an extra chore! We are SO thankful and grateful that they are letting us keep our coop in their barn until we move to a farm — and we don’t want them to regret it!!

I know they don’t.

I also want to make sure we stay bffs because I want some of this corn when it comes in…


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