Friday Favorites

Tide Pods


These make my life easier. Because the 5 seconds it takes to measure out detergent is 5 seconds too long…

Tea Collection


But mostly, Tea Collection sales. They are having a $15 dress sale until Memorial Day, and I suggest you scurry on over. I got their email about this a long time ago, but forgot to place an order…until yesterday when I see Tara and she is stealing all the adorable Tea dresses in the exact size I need right from under me. Curse you, Bellamy….

Skip Hop Zebra Backpack

skip hop

Grandpa and Grandma got this for Alice for her birthday and it looks so adorable on her little back.

Puddingstone Press


I am not a huge baby book person….until I found this one. When I was 37 weeks pregnant with Charlotte I ordered this and I LOVE it. I chose a black and grey damask fabric cover, square, and chose what pages I wanted included. It looks cute on her bookshelf, too.

Pregnant in Heels

Pregnant in Heels

She’s adorable and the moms she helps are ridiculous. That combo makes for good tv.

Moscow Farmer’s Market


Moscow has a MUCH better farmer’s market than we do here in town, and the 28 minute drive each Saturday morning is SO worth it. Especially if you stop on the way out and get garbanzo beans in butter rice. My mouth is watering.

Dwell Magazine


I like to pretend I’m super swanky and I’m an architect and I come up with all these super cool ideas for houses…and that looking through Dwell is basically like looking through my personal portfolio. And then I look around my house and see all the brown and beige. But this magazine rocks.

Papa John’s Dessert Pizza

dessert pizza

Does anyone remember Godfather’s Pizza? We RARELY went (probably because the pizza lunch buffet was the grossest thing you’ve ever seen) but when we did, I’d save enough room for 2 pieces of dessert pizza. Papa John’s version is not nearly as good, but I’d never expect it to be. But…it’s pretty good.

Cotton Candy

cotton candy

Papa got the kids this cotton candy machine and it’s been so fun. It’s not as good as Leann’s carnival-grade machine, but it definitely gets the job done when we need a quick sugar fix.


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