Today is cold and rainy. I’m not being dramatic, either, it’s only 50 something. We had to break out the long sleeves today.




From the top down, we have a Sprinkles for Sprouts headband, a Mini Boden monster shirt, and Old Navy brown cargos. She’s adorable.



Alice is wearing a Sprinkles for Sprouts headband (of course), an H&M cherry shirt, Gap jeans and Dingo cowgirl boots from Andy.  She’s hilarious.



She chose this “pose” and I’m not sure why. Anyway, she is wearing a RL sweater over a Peek Kids shirt (“Kindness Regardless”) and Gap skinny jeans. Her kicks are Fryes.  She’s pretty fashion.




Jamie is wearing an Old Navy Star Wars shirt, Levis and Pumas. Boys aren’t nearly as fun to dress as girls.  He’s got sweet moves.

Are these not 4 of the cutest little people you have ever seen in your life?


Today the baby girls and I are home doing laundry. I’ve neglected that duty for far too long. What that means is that I have no fewer than 7 loads to wash and dry and fold and put away. This is an all day job, my friends. And to add to that, Alice was sick the other day and Charlotte has been sick with a tummy bug so that adds a couple more outfits to our dirty laundry plus sheets and blankets. You have no idea what it means to do laundry unless you have 4 young children and a husband who wears both a ‘work’ outfit and a ‘home’ outfit each day. So much laundry.

I’m also packing up clothes. My girls have all outgrown a lot of their winter/fall clothes, so it’s time to put them away. I don’t keep all of the big girls’ clothes, but choose several outfits to put away for Alice and Charlotte, so it’s quite a task of going through and organizing and deciding what I’m going to sell and what I’m going to give away.

Oh, I’m also changing out the chick’s litter. Another big job.

Wish me luck today!


One thought on “W(th)WW

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    I know how you feel. Laundry is never ending. I saw a sign @ a craft fair that said, “The more I do laundry, the more I like the idea of a nudest colony.” I totally agree.


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