An Open Air Concert

Tonight I was treated to a private concert performed by the very talented 7 year old violinist, Maria.


She started with a bow, lifted her bow and violin, and started “Lightly Row.”


*sigh* She did so well.

She started lessons last fall I think…maybe earlier than that. She goes once a week for 1/2 hour with Betty. Betty doesn’t mess around. She may be tiny and old, but she is serious when it comes to practice and technique. She lets Maria know when she thinks she hasn’t been practicing and she writes notes after each practice on what she needs to improve on. We love Betty.

Danny is kinda the violin guy. He’s the one who takes her 98% of the time. Usually, he goes in and plays, too.


Isn’t that adorable?

After maybe 2 months of lessons, Maria said, “Mom, I just don’t think violin is right for me. I want to quit.” And what’s funny is that she thought I’d actually say, “Ok.” Oh, Maria.

It actually went more like, “I’m sorry. But you’re still doing lessons.”

And she didn’t say one more thing about it. And now? Now she comes back from violin feeling very proud of herself. She tells me the new things she’s learned and she’s excited to learn more. She sees violinists on TV or in books and she says that she might be like that someday.



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