The Mermaid Party

It started with the most adorable invitations ever.


My friend Nicole runs an etsy shop here. Every single invitation, thank you note, or birth announcement I have ordered through her has been absolutely perfect. I email her with the colors, theme, wording, and she tweaks it all so it looks perfect. She has the cutest style — unique, but not loud and obnoxious. She’s super easy to work with, affordable, and I would recommend her a thousand times. Probably more than that.

We invited our friends and family to my parent’s pool to celebrate Alice’s 3rd birthday. It was perfect.

Last week, Cenone came over and we made tissue poofs. I made some for Alice’s party and she made some for her friend’s bridal shower. I hung them everywhere.



I made a wooden sign directing people where to go. Corny, but perfect.


I bought the little jar of hanging flowers (and 3 others like it) at the Moscow farmer’s market when Megan, Noah, Jamie, Charlotte and I went up on Saturday.

I also made these horribly cheap looking, awful centerpieces…




Fake sand, fake shells, and tiny styrofoam balls to make the flowers. They did look okay, though.

I also made the cake.

Drumroll, please….



Okay, so it was totally a boxed cake. But the frosting was homemade! 1 lb of cream cheese, a stick and 1/2 of butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla.

I also put a layer of whipped cream to make the wave-y look. It was my first attempt, okay?

But my little mermaid loved it.


I think the tiniest mermaid did, too.

[she’s been busting out tongue tricks lately…]

We invited some of our favorite people.









And they spoiled Alice ROTTEN!


We had so much fun. Let’s see…who joined us?

Teresa, Henry, Audrey and Madelyn
Tobe, Alicia, Sydney, Ryann and Payton
Cenone and Andy
Haley and Jason and Jaxon
Tara and Bellamy
Becky and Kaylee
Ryan and his mama and daddy
Dave and Katie
Sara, Luke and Jake
Anna, Jim, Charlie, Wyatt and Lydia
Cheri, Elizabeth, Jason, Sam, Ava, Jake and Audrey
Mom and Dad
Ellen and Joel
Great Grandma
Tracy, Nate and Abbey
Grandpa Gary

My mom made pulled pork and 4 (yes, FOUR) kinds of salads. We had fruit and juice and wine and beer. There were rolls and cake and homemade ice cream. Ah, it was all so delicious.

And like I said…Alice was spoiled rotten. She got Barbies, goggles, books, magnetic paper dolls, bubbles, undies, mermaids, shoes, cupcake kit, dress up clothes, a wand, an AG gift card….and more! I’m serious, that girl was in heaven.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all our wonderful friends. We love you!


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