Friday Favorites

The Homemade Pantry


Sometimes I go on Amazon ordering kicks. I’ll order a few books and when they arrive, it’s Christmas. Thank you to my mama who taught me that there is nothing better than a new book. My newest book happens to be a cookbook. “The Homemade Pantry – 101 Food You Can Stop Buying and Start Making.” I am pretty stoked to make the toaster pastries, cereal bars and yellow cake.

Sonic Ocean Water

ocean water

I’m 94% sure I’ve used this before, but it’s so delicious. And cheap. Under $2 for a cup full of that perfect Sonic ice with a splash of yummy blue drink.

Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”


This is one of my favorite songs right now.





My hair is finally long. But tell me, when did I decide to cut bangs? Oh, yeah, when I thought I’d actually pull myself together each morning to wash, dry, straighten, and actually do my hair. Oh, that silly girl. Me. I was that silly girl. Because what do I do now? I shower the night before usually. I wake up and throw my hair up. Which leaves my “a little too long” bangs feeling sad. Because they look like…..crap. I’ve come to love braids. And when these damn bangs grow out, my braids will look bomb.

Mindless Television

16 and pregnant


16 and Pregnant and Real Housewives of Orange County are a couple of my favorite stupid shows. They’re the kind of shows I watch while doing laundry and writing blog posts. I can’t imagine wearing the hideous fur vest that Vicki wears while screaming at her daughter about judging Brooks or quitting my cage fighting career to have a baby — but jumping right back in after she was born. See? Ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome.

Controversial Magazine Covers


I’m going to say something: I don’t get the big deal with the controversy surrounding this TIME cover. To be honest, I think most moms who see this and instantly decide they hate it are just jealous. This mom has a rocking body.

But seriously, the article isn’t even really about extended nursing. It’s about Dr. Sears and his philosophies on parenting and his life. It’s actually pretty interesting. And I’m okay with being shown pictures and stories of moms who do things differently than me. Or who are “better” than me. But I think most moms aren’t. I’ve heard a lot lately about moms staying off Pinterest. Moms who don’t read articles or stories or blogs or whatever about “perfect” moms because it just makes them feel like they aren’t adequate. As for me, I love reading about these “perfect” moms. I love it when my friends are really REALLY good at a specific aspect of parenting and show it off. I love having people to look up to and who keep me trying to do my very best. I’m okay with controversial TIME magazine covers.

3 Year Olds on Scooters


This is, hands down, my very favorite thing of the week. Watching Alice on her pink scooter, scootin’ all over the culdesac is so hilarious. She is serious about it. She doesn’t mess around and let me tell you…she’s pretty good.


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    I can’t wait to get that cook book… and Lance has been singing that song since he heard it on American Idol. Love it!!!!!


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