It’s hot, baby.  Hot as in creeping into the 90’s.



The 7 year old (who told her teacher she wants to be a supermodel when she grows up…shoot me now) wore a Mini Boden dress, cowgirl boots, and her doll Kanani’s hair accessory.



The 5 year old (who told me today that he’s happy even if he doesn’t look like it) wore skinny jeans and my favorite shirt: Young Wave Hunter. Oh, and the always-fashion red crocs.




The 3 year old (who thinks she’s a shoo-in for Juliard) wore a Gymboree top and Old Navy striped leggings with Princess Leia hair.



The baby wore my favorite outfit of all. Ruffle bloomers with a fairy tee from Chasing Fireflies. Too sweet.

We took the big kids to school then scurried over to Dr. Parkey’s office.

We switched pediatricians. In the world of mamas, this is a big deal. We’ve been going to Dr. Ambrosen for 7 years, so to decide to switch to Dr. Parkey was hard. We ADORE Dr. Ambrosen. He is so kind and patient and I respect him SO much. With that being said, I really dislike Valley Med (where his clinic is). I feel like they just try and get people in and out as quickly as possible. The secretaries are often rude and short and don’t really care if you need to be seen right away or not. Dr. Ambrosen has also started to get really hard to get in to see. He’s very busy and has so much going on. Anyway, because of all of that, we decided to switch over to Dr. Parkey who I also adore.

He is equally as kind and patient as Dr. Ambrosen, my kids adore him, Maria is in love with his children, and his wife is a great friend of mine. We love the Parkeys.

At 8:45, the little girls had their well-baby visits. Alice went first.




She is in the 80% for height and 66% for weight. Her blood pressure is good, her heart sounds great, and her little piggies checked out fine.



Then it was Miss Charlotte’s turn. We had quite a rough time several months ago. She had lost weight and it was HARD WORK getting her back up to speed. But she did it.



The little pumpkin is 45% (I think) for height and….get ready….20% for weight!!! She’s doing so great. She has yet to break the 20 lb mark, but she’s well on her way!

The kids did so well at their appointments. They played, mostly.

[I mostly wanted to show you my sweet outfit.]

Charlotte got 2 shots and Alice got one. They took em like champs.

What do we have planned the rest of the day?

– laundry

– mowing the lawn

– lunch

– building some sweet stuff with Legos

– yoga

– Hip Hop

Ya know. The usual.


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