I feel very comfortable saying that this is the most ragamuffin W(th)WW post to date.



My most put together child of the day wore jeans and a “Wizard of Oz” t-shirt. And, of course, his green pumas. And a car on his head. He’s so talented.



In addition to her creepy mullet-like hair (I swear it’s not really like that, this was a weird angle), Maria wore a Zara shirt with Gap skinnies.



I’m not quite sure where to start. She wore Old Navy legging capris. Then she wore a striped Gap tank. We threw in a pair of WalMart slip on shoes (they are only $5 and adorable). And to top it off, we went with the wet hair look pulled together with a headband. Fashion.



I lied. Charlotte is BY FAR the most put together. She actually looks adorable. She wore a First Impressions romper (from Cenone), a Sprinkles for Sprouts headband and Baby Bloch ballet shoes.


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