The Birthday Day

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. The kids wake up and immediately wish the birthday person a happy birthday and the celebration begins.

Yesterday, it was Alice’s 3rd birthday and boy did we celebrate.

We started at the skatepark where we played and played. Then we went to Waffles N More (with an extra friend – Noah) for birthday breakfast.

Alice is 3-2

Alice is 3-4

It was Alice’s choice. She loves the “waffle store.” Which is good because we do, too.

Alice is 3-13

These 2 are the cutest, aren’t they?

Alice is 3-18

We had hot chocolate.

Alice is 3-21
[with whipped cream]

Alice is 3-24

There was a chicken fried steak skillet.

Alice is 3-28

And, by very careful analysis of this sticky face, there was also waffles with syrup and bacon. And butter.

Alice is 3-32
[ooooh she is too cute.]

The boys had some silly, I guess, because they were acting crazy.

Alice is 3-33

We gobbled it all up and headed to the pool.

Alice is 3-38

It was a little cold, but that didn’t really stop them.

Alice is 3-40

Alice is 3-45

Alice is 3-50

After a while of swimming, it was time for Alice to open her present from Mama and Daddy.

Alice is 3-66

Alice is 3-67

Alice is 3-75

Yep, Alice got an American Girl doll. And she LOVES it! I know I have some people out there who do not approve of giving an American Girl doll to someone so young. But I don’t care. (And I think a doll for a 3 year old is perfect).

This girl…

Alice is 3-73

…is going to love this doll…

Alice is 3-76

…until it’s ratty and dirty and worn.

She is so happy to have a dolly “just like Yaya (Maria).”

But after the presents, it was Lego time.

Alice is 3-79

The kids played for hours.

Around dinner time, the girls next door came over (JJ, Lauren and Alison) and swam and ate with us.

Alice is 3-92

Alice is 3-96
[steak, rolls, corn, potatoes, salad]

It looks good in that tummy, don’t you think?

Alice is 3-100

And then we had dessert.

My mom is in charge of dessert for a school thing, and I totally wanted to try it out. Check it.

Kahlua Mousse

Alice is 3-106

“Fried” Ice Cream

Alice is 3-107

Chili Cupcake

Alice is 3-108

They were SO delicious.

But really, Alice was waiting for the cake. Duh.

Alice is 3-116

Alice is 3-117

Happy Birthday, my sweet Alice.


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