Friday Favorites

Oops, it’s Saturday.  I know this.

Volcom Chunky Gladiator Sandals


I love these shoes. Cheri got them for my birthday and they are so comfortable. They look cute with anything and aren’t as ‘dress up’ as the skinny strapped gladiators. Not that those are dress up, but whatever.

Hey Girl



I laugh at all of these. I don’t know why, but I think they are hilarious. Probably because Ryan Gosling is hot and picturing him saying these ridiculous things is awesome.

Jcrew Swimwear

jcrew swim

I am in love with this season’s swim line at J Crew. Let me just say something. When you have large breasts, you need a suit that fits well. I’ve been nursing and/or pregnant for 8 years almost. Let’s just say this mama needs a nice fitting suit. Jcrew suits are awesome.

Nesting Owls


Ooooh, these are the cutest. I got them for Charlotte for her birthday and was so pleased when we opened them up. They are adorable and sturdy. I got mine from Land of Nod.

Overland Gourmet

overland gourmet

Dan has been a big fan of this company for a really long time. They offer some of the best camping products and they also go to Overland Rallies and hold classes. Oh…..and they are amazingly generous. I emailed them asking if they’d consider giving a donation for Maria’s school auction. They sent me a package within 3 days. They sent me this awesome camping growler worth over $50. Love them.

Pineapple Cranberry Juice


Just the 2 juices. No alcohol. MAYBE a little 7 up thrown in there. I could drink this all day long. I’d prefer to drink it poolside, but really anywhere will do.


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