Charlotte is ONE

One year ago, this beautiful tiny thing was in my arms…


And today? Today THIS beautiful little thing is.


Charlotte is wonderful.

She loves her brother and sisters.

She laughs when you tickle right up under her chin and on her thighs.

She loves yogurt melts and YoBaby yogurt.

She loves pulling and tugging on Scout.

She goes to bed at 8:00pm and wakes up at 7:00am.

She walks and claps and waves bye-bye.

She nurses still.

And she is perfect.


And if you said that her birthday outfit was ridiculous, you’d be right.

But with ruffles all over, it was too good to pass up.


She loved it.


She celebrated her birthday at Mother’s Day Out with her friends. I went and visited my friends.


And then look who walked in the door…


Nice try, Hailey.

I chatted for a bit, but had to go because they work. Very hard. See?

[She’s probably just ordering Tastefully Simple or T-shirts or something online. Oh, becky]

I went to Maria’s school and worked on auction stuff and then went to pick up the kids.

Jamie made some poor choices at school, so he was not happy to hear his privileges were being taken away.


I expect a lot out of my children, even though they are little. Jamie and Maria both know and understand how to be respectful and kind and how to follow directions. When they choose not to, there are consequences. I don’t get super upset, but I do let them know that what they did wasn’t appropriate and then tell them their consequence. At school, Jamie didn’t follow directions. They have a couple very important rules and he chose not to follow one of them. He had a consequence at school and then one at home.

And he also had to write Ms. Megan an apology letter. Some might think that’s a little over the top for something not so horrible, but it took him quite a while to write it. And he had to think of what to say. And I know it made him think about what he did. It’s good for him.

Anyway, we picked up the girls who had a great day at “school.”




Then we picked up Ria.


Tonight we are having “Tangy Tomato Brisket” thanks to the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook as well as potatoes, rolls, and asparagus. mmmmm. Charlotte is going to open a couple gifts and we’re going to have ice cream.

And just like that….Charlotte is one.


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