May Day

First and foremost, I guess, Happy May Day!

Oh, you aren’t completely familiar with May Day? Well here…

When I was little, my mom used to drive us around to our family’s and friends’ houses and we would drop flowers off at their doorsteps and then run and hide. When we were a little older our next door neighbor and my very best friend, Katy, used to join us and we’d do the same to our neighbors. It was so much fun.

Well today is May 1st. May Day.

We started it off with taking Maria and Jamie to school. Then the baby girls went to school. Then I went to volunteer in Maria’s class. Then I picked up Jamie and we went to eat lunch with Lala. Then we picked up the baby girls. And then…phew…we went home.

Do you know that feeling when you look down and around and you’re surrounded by the sweetest, most beautiful tiny children and you are just totally and completely content? If you don’t, here are some pictures that might convey that emotion just a little:







I would try to describe the feeling to you, but unless you feel it deep in your gut, you just won’t get it. I am so lucky that I feel that emotion all the time.

But anyway, when we got home from getting Maria, she scrambled in to write May Day cards and asked if I had flowers she could use. I did, left over from Charlotte’s party (not the roses Patti gave…there’s no way I would give those up for May Day doorsteps). She grabbed the flowers and demonstrated just how she was gonna do it.

go up to the door.

set down the flowers and the note.

ring the doorbell…

…and run away super fast!


She ran across the field to see if Ali wanted to help.


But Ali wasn’t home.

So she left flowers for a couple of neighbors and then went down to Lydia’s and together they did it on Lydia’s street. She had a ball.

Then later, my friend Megan came over for dinner.



We had asparagus…


…tiny potatoes…


…steak (how appetizing does that red ‘juice’ look, huh?!)…

and bread and salad.


It was quite delicious. Dan’s a great cook.


And tonight, the kids are all snuggled in Jamie’s bed (yep, all 3 of the big kids) reading books. And listening to them laugh, I have that same content, happy feeling.



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