In the world of mamas, sometimes you don’t realize you don’t have milk.

Or bread.

Or frozen waffles.

Basically, your children don’t have breakfast to eat.

I got them up a little early because we had to grab breakfast on the way to school. Yikes.


Her standard uniform of Peek apparel.



Peek basics leggings and a Peek shirt. I love it, always. Oh, headband crafted by yours truly.



Clearly, we thought it was March 17th. He wore a J Crew shirt, Unionbay shorts (yay Costco!) and his new skate shoes.



In her “this is what I’m gonna do when I’m president” pose, she is donning a Gap tank, Gap skinny jeans (they fit her so well), a Gap jacket and Chinese Laundry shoes. Gap much?



This hilarious little thing is wearing an Old Navy skirt, a Gap shirt that used to be Maria’s, a Sprinkles for Sprouts headband and red Converse. Of course.


1 thought on “W(th)WW

  1. Lisa Dessing

    Ruthie, as Jaxon’s grandma, I cannot thank you enough for such a kindness as these beautiful keepsakes. Would you please contact me so that I may purchase some prints from you?


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