A Saturday on a Very Sunny April Day

I love Saturdays like today. We had a couple things on the agenda, but none of them were uber important. Nothing was serious and it was all fun.

It started out horribly — we couldn’t find the shin guards the kids needed for their soccer games. The car was out of gas. My hair was not cooperating. The kids were not listening well at all. It was quite a fiasco.

But now I think back and am feeling so lucky. Really was my awful hair and a couple lost shin guards the worst part of my day? Thank goodness. I’m a lucky girl.

It started with the skatepark — we met Noah and Trace and Bucky and Wyatt and Avi. The kids ran around, ate donuts and skated. They laughed and played and had the best morning. I want a million mornings exactly like that.


Then Jamie and Charlotte and I went to soccer.


Lots and lots of puffs were consumed.



And lots of running was done.


It was Jamie’s last soccer game and thank goodness for that.

Let’s talk about preschool soccer for a minute. PRESCHOOL SOCCER!! Jamie’s team is a tad intense. My just-turned-5 year old practiced twice a week for an hour each time. We got scolded for missing a couple. To be honest, Jamie is not a natural soccer player. He loves the idea of playing soccer, and his victory dance when he scores a goal should not be missed (it’s pretty bomb). There is one family on Jamie’s team who take it so ridiculously seriously that the kids get in trouble when they hang around Jamie. Probably because Jamie is more concerned about the awesome cloud that looks like Darth Vader than the xyz play they are trying to run on the field. Jamie hardly played, and when the coach did put him in, it lasted all of 2 minutes. But he thought he loved it and that’s all that mattered. And now we’re done. Let’s end it with a photo of Jamie doing a sweet soccer move:



We went home, dropped off Charlotte and Jamie, and picked up the big girls.

Sportin’ our cowgirl boots, we watched Maria’s game.



Maria does so great out there! She isn’t afraid of the ball and goes after it like you wouldn’t believe. She was goalie for a bit today and rocked it.


After soccer, we met daddy and Mark in the orchards and headed out to Mark’s friend Trent’s house. He lives quite a ways out of town and has a fun set up for shooting guns. Danny loves shooting guns.

The drive was a little sketchy. I thought for sure we were heading into the beginning of a zombie apocalypse…


Seriously, how freaky are those torn apart, abandoned trailers?! Don’t worry, I soldiered through the drive. We arrived at Trent’s house and was greeted so nicely by 4 guys who were there already.

I shouldn’t be surprised at how wonderful they all were. Danny might be the most wonderful, sweet person you will ever meet (this is a fact) so it’s only natural that he would be friends with the same type of people. They didn’t mind 4 little ones running around, making noise, asking questions and getting in the way.


It was loud at times, so we wore ear protection.


Cuteness overload.


Daddy brought his camp set up and grilled some hot dogs. The kids loved ’em.


[Cenone, this picture is for you…I thought you’d think it was hilarious]


So if you don’t know me very well, I have never EVER expressed any interest in my children shooting guns at all. Like….ever. But today, I watched Danny — he LOVED being up there. He loved shooting and setting it all up. Trent asked if maybe Maria wanted to shoot a little one. At first I gave a very definite ‘no.’ But then I remembered that Danny is her parent, too. And he would never EVER let anything happen to her and would make sure everything was safe.

Luckily, his friends felt the same way.

So Maria got to shoot.


Something about this picture makes me smile. All these guys up there shooting their guns and sometimes using inappropriate language were SO willing to give the kids a turn. They helped them and gave them pointers and when Maria hit the target (almost) every time, they cheered.

Dan has really great friends.

Then it was Jamie’s turn. Jamie who is a bit smaller and not quite as steady.


Jamie shot, too, with his hot dog close by…




How gross does this look, by the way?


Charlotte was the best baby. I know you’re not surprised.





And while Charlotte and I hung out by the fence, the big girls went looking for flowers.




It was another reminder that I want our life to change. I want to live in the country and sit in the grass while the kids take walks and adventures, looking for treasures. Not on culdesacs. Not on empty lots waiting to be purchased and built on. Not on our concrete driveway.

And I know it will happen, but reminders like this make me ache for it to happen really soon.

It will happen.


1 thought on “A Saturday on a Very Sunny April Day

  1. Megan

    I LOVE that we have been a small part of your weekends recently, thank you. And yes, your move will happen, I have faith!


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