A Potential Farmhouse

We knew that it was very likely that we would get ‘bumped’ from our first offer on the gorgeous farmhouse that sat on 20 acres.

In fact, we kind of expected it.  Our offer was contingent on our home selling, so when they got an offer that wasn’t contingent on the sale of a home, of course they took it.  And I don’t blame them.

So we’ve been looking around.

Today we drove 15 minutes out of town to look at a home that sits on about 4 acres. I fell in love.

The white picket fence was what caught my eye when we drove up. Even if it might need a bit of a paint touch-up.

This house was built in 1896, but has been updated. The couple living there now has done some really nice upgrades. The kitchen is fantastic. Smaller than ours, but not too small.


My favorite part:


It has a front porch. *sigh*


You look out the backyard into nothing. Nothing but farmland.


There are horses that come with it.


No. They don’t come with it. Which is good because we aren’t ready for horses. Let’s keep some chickens alive then we’ll talk about goats.

Looking down across the property and across the highway (yes, the highway sits not too far from it) you see this:


Not bad.

Peeking through the picket fence…


…I can totally see this being our home.


It’s small. 4 bedroom/2 bath. A tiny mudroom, tiny family room and a dining room. The entire home is about 1/2 of the square footage we have now. Which is perfect. We want to move away from a big home. We want something smaller with more character.

And now? Now we need to sell this house.


1 thought on “A Potential Farmhouse

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    That place is amazing. I Love it too! I hope you sell your house soon. I’ll say some prayers in your behalf. Love you!


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