What they Wore Wednesday — my Wednesday posts in which I picture my adorable children and the fashion they sport.

The sweet baby Charlotte.




She wore a Luna Luna dress and Old Navy brown pants. The leggings that go with the dress are long gone — I think after Maria first wore it. The Sprinkles for Sprouts headband just arrived last week. I have to stop with the headbands. We have 3 drawers full.




Showing some hip hop, he wore his “I LOVE NY” shirt and Old Navy jeans. The horrible blue Crocs are his go-to, always on the wrong feet. The goggles? I have no idea.

Miss Maria



Gap sequined top, Vigoss skinny jeans, Frye boots and a RL sweater (from Audrey). Oh, and some sweet jumps.




Alice wore a braid like Jessi the Cowgirl, Circo dress (every once in a while, Circo has the BEST patterns and colors!), Green Dog jeggings and Saltwater sandals….with socks.

Today was Jamie’s snack helper day and for his ‘share’ he brought his Han Solo drinking glass that he is currently in love with.

Maria was super excited because she got to watch a movie (Tangled) in the morning and got to bring a pillow.

But when it came time to take the pillow inside, she said, “I think I’ll leave the pillow here. I’m embarrassed to take it in.”

I said, “Why would you be embarrassed? You were so excited to take a pillow yesterday, you have permission to do it, and I don’t want you to be silly and worried about what other people will think. If you are excited about bringing a pillow and you are allowed to do it, I think you should do it.” And I handed her the pillow and didn’t really give her an option.

I don’t want her to get too caught up or worried about what other people think about what she likes or wears or does.  Than can be really tough later on in life.  Like in junior high.

The babies and I had to run to Albertson’s to get Jamie’s snack (I wanted to do it yesterday but ran out of time) and somewhere in the store, Charlotte kicked off her shoes. Both of them. I only realized it after we were in the car so I couldn’t go back in and look for it. I hope someone turns them in, they are my favorite!!

And now? Now I have a very tired baby who needs to be nursed and put down for a nap.

Happy Wednesday!!


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