The Beach

Yesterday was a beautiful 63 degrees. But it felt warmer. We borrowed a friend and the 6 of us went to the beach.

And let me just say that when you have 5 kids who behave as wonderfully and play together as well as the 5 I had yesterday, taking the whole crew (11 month old, 3 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old and 7 year old) to the beach is nothing!

We drove out past Asotin to a little beach. The view was fantastic.


We brought pizza and breadsticks and had ourselves a little beach picnic.


The shoes were kicked off…



…and the kids ran. They ran and ran and ran.




And of course there were pizza breaks every now and then.




But they were short. Because there was sand to play in. And freezing water to touch.



And you might think that taking a crawling, busy 11 month old to the beach sounds like a messy, horrible idea. But not when that 11 month old is Miss Charlotte Clayton. She’s the best.




She sat on her towel, watched the kids, ate, and laughed. Really….she is the best baby I know.

But then 12:00 crept up on us and we had to leave to take Noah to school.

This is the best little group of kids…truth.



And I will try harder to take my kids on more adventures. Drive the 30 minutes to the mountains or the 15 minutes to the beach. Go explore and kick off our shoes and dig and splash.

Because these beautiful faces love it.


Happy Weekend! Cross your fingers for me, please! We have an open house tomorrow from 1 until 3 and I’m really, REALLY hoping that the perfect family comes and falls in love with the house.


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