Belated Birthday Lunches, Soccer Stars and a Sewing Genius

My birthday was over a week ago, but it’s not my fault that I’m so popular that friends are just lining up to take me out to lunch, is it?

We all know that’s a giant lie.

I was sick over my birthday and Sara was gone the 2nd part of the week, so she very sweetly wanted to take me to lunch today and I agreed. Duh.


Mmmmmm, fiesta time.



We ate chips and salsa, taco salad and burritos and caught up on each other’s lives. She now knows what’s been bugging the crap out of me lately and I know about her hilarious kids and what they’ve been doing or saying lately. Love catching up! I also scored a Starbucks card and a family photo session — ka-ching!

After lunch I picked up my 3 babies and we went home. Maria went home with a friend after school so it was just us. We worked outside a bit (we have an open house this weekend), cleaned up inside, and Charlotte took a nap. Then it was time for soccer practice.

The skies went from absolutely gorgeous to this:


Grey and smokey and weird. And rainy. But soccer stops for nothing. Does that make sense to say? It sounds weird when I say it outloud. But what I’m trying to say is that even in the rain, they play. Dumb.

But this soccer star is ready to go no matter what.


He is hysterical.


Not in the “I like to show off and be funny so everyone laughs at me” kind of hysterical. No, no. This adorable boy is hilariously smart and says everything he thinks. He also does whatever he feels like doing at the moment.

Like maybe doing handstands in the middle of soccer practice.


There he is on the right side. Doing a headstand. The child is trying hard to get around him to get the BALL THAT IS COMING STRAIGHT FOR HIM!!! Jamie stayed like that for a solid 2 minutes. The ball came and went. The boys ran around him.

He’s a soccer star.

And at the end of practice he ran up to me and said, “That was a great practice, mom!!” I said, “Good! Those were some sweet headstands you did.” He said, “Oh. Thanks,” and climbed into the car. Like….duh those were good headstands, he wouldn’t be doing them in the middle of practice if they weren’t. They went perfectly with the hip hop moves he busted out in the middle of kicking drills.

Like I said: soccer star. Pele, basically.

Now can we move on the the sewing genius that is Ruthie?

I kid, I kid.

But I am totally stoked that I made something that actually turned out exactly how it was supposed to.




Cenone and Hailey got me a JoAnn’s gift card and I spent it on sewing books (and a few other sewing things). The pattern for these shoes was in one of the books. Cenone also got me a TON of fabric. Cenone is fashion. She knows cute when she sees it and thank god she does, because she got me the cutest bundles of fat quarters ever. I can’t wait to turn them into tiny shoes and shirts and things.

Happy Thursday!


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