Tuesdays and Farm Days

Tuesdays go like this:

We wake up at 7, take baths, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, get shoes on and load up to go to school.

I make sure we have 4 lunches packed, 2 backpacks (one of which has to have size 2 diapers and wipes and a change of clothing), jackets and homework. I make sure I have my camera, phone, and anything I need for errands (like bills or papers or anything).

We leave the house just shortly after 8.

We drop off Maria first and then Jamie. And then we go to Starbucks.


A non-fat white mocha for me (I either get that or a skinny vanilla latte) and a caramel macchiatto for Cenone.

And a cha-cha-gah for Miss Alice.


Then we go to Alice’s school and I drop the baby girls off.

After that I go to Maria’s school to help out. Today was the best day to help. I grabbed Cenone and we went with the kids up to Wagner Farms.


There were horses.


There were movie stars in aviators posing in front of tractors.


Oh, wait, that’s Cenone.

There were cows.


We pretended we were farmers.


And we may have had more fun than the kids.

It was honestly one of the best field trips ever. It lasted 2 hours and we were busy and having fun the whole time. I learned about garbanzo beans, wheat, harvest, planting crops with a machine, cows and their birthing process (in a not gross way, I promise), horses…you name it. The Wagner family is amazing and were so ridiculously great to let the first graders and kidergarteners come to their farm and touch everything.  And the 27 year olds.

Then I took Cenone home and went to get Jamie and the babies. Then we went to the park, then got Ria, then went to say hello to Lala.




And because we love Grandpa Gary, it’s only Pepsi for us 🙂


And that, my friends, was my fabulous Tuesday.


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